EXANTE Broker donates $1,000,000 to Ukraine's children and families

EXANTE Broker donates $1,000,000 to Ukraine's children and families

EXANTE Broker donates $1,000,000 to Ukraine's children and families

EXANTE International Brokerage Company donated $1 million towards UNICEF to support children and their families impacted by the war in Ukraine.


EXANTE is an international investment company that offers brokerage services. It was established in 2011. EXANTE gives access to more that 400,000 financial tools through one client account. After 11 years, the broker's assets increased to $60M and the total assets of investors surpassed $2B.

  • Clients have access worldwide, European and Asia Pacific exchanges. Access to options markets as well as the mutual fund platform is also provided by the broker. The broker allows investors to trade stocks and bonds, ETFs, foreign currency instruments, CFDs, and ETFs.
  • The CySEC, SFC(HK) are the legal authorities for operations. The broker is licensed in Cyprus and Hong Kong. Securities are kept in an independent depository. EXANTE accounts provide clients with insurance. This assures compensation in the case of unavoidable circumstances.

EXANTE has been awarded more than 30 prestigious prizes: Investment Award and Diversity in Finance, Blockchain Awards and Digital Investment Company.

OTC and Exchange trades can be made through the same trading platform developed by the in-house IT department.

Customers have access to:

  • Version for personal computers (Windows Linux and MacOS operating system are supported).
  • software for iOS, Android and other mobile devices
  • An adaptive browser-based version is available (needs no software installation).

EXANTE is not limited to private investors. The "pool of counterparties" includes institutional market participants as well as legal entities.

  • You can start trading demo by opening an account on our portal. The investor has access to the entire system, as well as virtual $1 million for open positions.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. Every user has a personal manager.

EXANTE trading terms vary depending on which platform the trade is executed. In the US, for example, there will be a $0.02 commission for opening/closing shares on exchanges. It is 0.08% plus local fees for Hong Kong exchanges. The fees include the execution of orders, clearing fees and exchange fees.

Bank transfer allows for withdrawals and deposits. EXANTE supports 16 different currencies. Transactions are completed in 24 hours.

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UNICEF is an international organisation that operates under the auspices and guidance of the United Nations. In 1946, the International Children's Emergency Fund (ICEF) was created to assist children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. After the 1950s, its efforts were redirected to general welfare programs.

UNICEF's priority is to protect children's right to life and well-being, regardless of their gender, race, or region.

"Our values include respecting children's lives, prevention and treatment of child abuse, the development of tolerance and respect towards children's basic needs and necessities, and the promotion of peace and harmony for all children. The official website states that we believe that children are the most important thing in the universe and that their well being is essential for their development.

UNICEF believes there is no progress without every child's development. UNICEF supports programs to immunize children against diseases and prevent HIV/AIDS spread; funds medical, educational, and social services. The Convention on the Rights of the Child has guided it since 1996.

The Foundation relies on voluntary donations from individuals, corporations and governments. The UN doesn't provide funding for the Foundation. 60% of UNICEF’s contributions go to the Least Developed Countries.

Situation in Ukraine, and financial support for EXANTE

EXANTE, an international broker announced a donation of $1 million to UNICEF for children and families impacted by the ongoing hostilities.

UNICEF representatives are concerned by the current situation. Over 4 million Ukrainian citizens had been forced from their homes and were granted refugee status as of 18 April. 90% are women and children.

Representatives from the Emergency Fund called Kiev a "crisis of children's rights" and a "humanitarian disaster". UNICEF has been able to provide crucial assistance to children and families in times of crisis because of the prompt support of partners such as EXANTE. - shared UNICEF Representative Carla Haddad Mardini.

  • EXANTE is also worried about the escalated hostilities. "Freedom is an inalienable rights of all human beings. Actions speak louder than words. At the shareholders meeting, unanimous agreement was reached to aid thousands of victims in Kyiv/Kharkiv, Odessa, as well other areas of Ukraine. We hope that financial assistance will be directed in a positive direction. Alexey Kiriyenko is the CEO of EXANTE.

UNICEF provides financial support that allows aid to be quickly sent to the Ukrainian regions and neighboring countries. Today's statistics include more than 860 tons of basic necessities, personal hygiene supplies, and warm clothes.

Kharkiv Metro has been transformed over the last few weeks from a transport hub into a bomb shelter. It now houses social-emotional support stations. Children can play games, read, do art therapy, or learn.

UNICEF has appealed for more aid because of military action. It is estimated that $349 million will be required to provide emergency life-saving support for Ukraine. Even a small contribution can help to support 3.5m people and 2.2 kids. Follow EXANTE’s lead: together, we can make an impact.

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