Watch Your Birth Chart for Your Today Health Horoscope

During the ancient times, whenever someone suffered from a health problem, his birth chart would be read to determine what he or she was suffering from and what could be done to mitigate the suffering.

During the ancient times, whenever someone suffered from a health problem, his birth chart would be read to determine what he or she was suffering from and what could be done to mitigate the suffering. In the advanced world of today, though it has become easier and more direct to diagnose a disease or ailment and there are medicines available for every imaginable health issue, medical science has still not found any way to prevent health problems for humans. That still remains a domain of astrology. Zodiac Signs contain all the answers to your questions regarding your Horoscope for Today or your today health horoscope.

Common people are not aware of how astrology works. Therefore you need to get in touch with seasoned astrologers, such as the famous Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who is well-known for his astute horoscope readings. Such experienced astrologers go through different aspects of your birth chart and answer all your health queries as per your Health Horoscope. Whether it is your Today Health Horoscope or the annual health horoscope, all your questions, regarding your body and mind, will be answered at the altar of health astrology.


Health Horoscope

First of all, you should understand that different planets as well as different houses in your horoscope govern your various body parts. As per Astrology, human body is divided into 12 parts and each part is associated with different astrological signs, planets as well as houses. Each of the zodiac signs also represents different body parts from the top to the bottom of your body. So, if you are suffering from a disease or illness, your birth chart guides what went wrong. Let’s take a look –  

  • Aries – Face, head and brains
  • Taurus – Throat, neck and your voice
  • Gemini – Shoulders, arms, central nervous system and lungs
  • Cancer – stomach and breasts
  • Leo – Chest, heart and spine
  • Virgo – Complete digestive system
  • Libra – Everything from your skin to moles on the skin and your kidneys
  • Scorpio – Genital organs and excretory system
  • Sagittarius – Liver, thighs and hips
  • Capricorn – Skeletal system including knees and joints
  • Aquarius – Ankles and the whole circulatory system
  • Pisces – Feet and lymphatic system

The placement of each of these planets in different houses for your birth-chart spells different things for your health. Astrologers like Dr. Bajrangi often consult these houses to analyse the disease, its cause, and its remedy. While various planets have multiple connotations for your health, the houses in your birth chart spell your Health Horoscope Today accurately.

Your health horoscope

  • The 1st House governs all of your physical body considering it is the leading house on your birth-chart.
  • The 2nd House represents blood, the food that you eat and any concern about diabetes.
  • The 3rd House depicts issues with lungs, such as asthma and your speech, such as a lisp or muteness.
  • The 4th House is the house of pregnancy, and issues related to mother’s milk. Besides, this house would also tell about any chance of inheriting a genetic problem from your family.
  • The 5th House is the house of heart. That’s it!
  • The 6th House represents all the diseases and any ailments that you may be destined to suffer from.
  • The 7th House is all about the nervous system and any problems arising out of it. This house also deals with your brain or your spine.
  • The 8th House deals with health issues caused by reasons that are gender specific or Karma.
  • The 9th House rules the cerebral hemisphere of the brain.
  • The 10th House governs the metabolism of your body.
  • The 11th House is related to circulation of various essentials through your body and the issues arising out of it.
  • The 12th House indicates any sort of depression or isolation in your birth-chart as well as any chance of staying in a hospital.

Talking about Today’s Health Horoscope and its relevant parts, Dr. Bajrangi says that the planetary position in your birth chart can predict most of the major diseases, although studying your birth chart for health issues is a complex process. Having said that, people are often curious about their future health prospects and an astute astrologer like Dr. Bajrangi is the right person to clear any doubts and queries regarding the same. He is well known among his clients for his astute advice and predictions regarding major decisions of your life. You can connect to Vinay Bajrangi on phone - +91 9278665588 / 9278555588.