Some nba 2k players actually have a life

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Yeah I only made an assumption based on his own play style that he averaged over 30ppg. But my group rolls and relies on pick and ball motion. Like actual basketball.There's a player in Player Control who does nothing but forcing to the left and chuck up threes as well, very similar to this man. When matched up against me, he quits games. When we're on the exact same group he sabotages the match and commits 3 offenses. Some players actually have a life.

I went back to park since they took out pro'm 3v3's rep progress. What made me return was that during an event that the park is lifeless. So my squad decided to visit pro'm 3v3. I like how they rank groups. This will be a way to determine where we position as a staff. We're now gold but not great enough. This compels my squad and I to play with rep players. There's usually even a elite or a ss3 if someone is at a group. This made me confident in my sport or got me from the mind of being fearful of enjoying rep set. Well I ran into alot of teams in pro'm 3v3. This shows that rep teams at park, are not actually that good. Pro am 3v3 educated me where my group stands and to not be scared of a"Virtual standing".

I would just shorten the title to'Tired of waiting to play with the damn game' Seriously, after playing years of this'Got Next dance' in Park, I thought it was totally incredible that my friends were becoming game play game after game in ProAm 3v3. Yeah the contest is somewhat stiffer, but you can just play back to back to back, irrespective of whether you win or lose.I think Guru Are 3v3 should utilize something simar to the 99 system in lieu of matchmaking, which would help folks in there becoming even more matches (because apparently it's difficult after ace bronze). Everyone plays everyone. You receive a team performance grade, that's like your"overall performance" and teams constantly fluctuate up and down. Think that could show what groups are up there.

People care for rep however since they like how it appears. 2k shouldn't even nerfed the rep everyone was playing 3 pro am when the game first came out today a lot of people don't play because whats the point. You need rewards for folks to play competitively every match its a video game after all.I enjoy playing with it too for the reasons you mentioned BUT the shadows as well as the continuous camera motion make it really annoying to look at.There should still be a boost that the the rep you earn from 3v3 pro'm to induce people to perform it. Not as far as it was at start of season but halfway between then and now would be great.No point in playing pro am right now when you get less rep than at park.

Having arguments with a few boys. Is being a center in 2k easy? Does a centre that is being take no skill? Not that it takes no skill, but a PG that is bad can literally ruin a team. A team can be hindered by A center, but it is still possible to win. IMO, a PG is just more difficult to play in comparison to some center. This is coming from somebody with center assembles and guard. It's why I give mad props to PG's in pro am.

A lot is that requires skill as a centre. But, there are a slew of people that will catch 15 defensive boards which were gimmes and feign that makes them great. I perform with a SF/PF tweener and get put at the 4 lots because it's an unpopular position. It's wild how frequently centers talk shit since they snagged double digit uncontested rebounds and state I'm not doing anything since I"just" have like 9, even though 7 of these were offensive rebounds and I spent the entire game boxing out because of their dumb ass on D.

I think a Center could be the most important participant behind a PG. I think a C is much more forgiving of a situation but to be a good C is extremely reliant on IQ and things that dont appear on the stat sheet necessarily Buy NBA 2K MT. On defense, as soon as a center knows how to help on D and lock down the inside, this can change the whole match where the Offense has a lot less to use. Also one the most important things is playing pick and roll D. Its generally the more on the big because the choice and roll by nature forces a switch. A really good C must know when to reveal, hedge, get back on the roller at the time. Stats wise I think that it may appear easy because you can probably catch 15 rebs easy especially if the PF is a little shield type participant.

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