GGG responds to players’ speculation about whether Harvest will become a mainstream POE league

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Since Harvest’s magical mechanism allows players to harvest a lot of rare materials and POE Currency through hard work, players very much hope that this status quo can continue. They expressed their hope that the Harvest League could become a mainstream league to the game team. But in recent days, GGG responded to this. The response is not the same as what the players expected.

The response was provided by Grinding Gear Games before the release of 3.12 on September 1. The POE 3.12 expansion plan will be released on PC on the 18th of next month. Regarding Harvest League, the current 3.11 content is Grinding Gear Games explaining why it will not become the core content of POE.

When the game team was developing Harvest, they hoped to develop a more deterministic production system so that players can save more time to experience the mystery of the game and save more money to do other more meaningful things. Harvest requires a lot of rebalancing to reach a healthy level of power for the core game. They will reassess the necessity of handcraft in the game to determine how much they are willing to keep and how much of the remaining craftsmanship needs to rebalance.

Besides these problems, Grinding Gear Games also said that Harvest’s core mechanism will create a database problem for the amount of stored data, which they say is an extraordinary technical problem. Players should focus on the upcoming 10th anniversary celebrations of POE next month and the next new league. Especially for those who are ready to join POE, it is most important to POE Currency Buy now.

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