Make sure you have two Stonesword Keys to enter this dungeon

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For Lhutel for Lhutel, you'll need complete the Tombsward Catacombs in the center of the Weeping Peninsula region Elden Ring Items. The dungeon shouldn't be too difficult and will only require you to beat a fairly easy miniboss that's why you shouldn't encounter difficulty.

Banished Knight Oleg can be considered one of the very first Spirit Summons you can find from the game. However, he also is one of the most effective. With his strong, heavy armor and his extremely poised this is a great brawler that commands the attention of enemies. His wind-based attacks cause a lot of damage, and while they usually don't stagger bosses, they often break the stance of regular adversaries quite easily.

Banished Knight Oleg is awarded to you following the death of the final boss of the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon located close to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace in the initial stages of the game. Make sure you have two Stonesword Keys to enter this dungeon.

Black Knife Tiche is a very powerful Spirit Summon that not only dishes out strong damaging damage, but is exceptionally adept at avoiding injuries as well. This is due to her ability to dodge frequently, making it hard for enemies and bosses to hit her with their attacks buy Elden Ring Runes. Several of her attacks also lower the enemy's HP and do damage over time since her knife has powerful powers of Rune of Death, similar to Maliketh the great sword of the Black Blade.

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