Mexico City gas tank cemetery scares residents

Thousands of disused gas cylinders sit outside under the sun at a former refinery

Time bomb': Mexico City gas tank graveyard frightens residents |  Environment News | Al Jazeera


Thousands of discarded gas tanks sit outside in the sunshine at an old Mexico City distillery. It caused a bad smell that neighbors said turned their lives into a nightmare.

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Caesar Rivera and his wife leave the apartment most nights because of excessive body odor. The 37-year-old programmer told AFP.The smell was very strong at night. really can't stand it It's like the stove wasn't turned off properly

The couple also feared that the liquefied petroleum gas escaping from the cylinders. which many households use in Mexico City. It will cause an explosion or make them sick.

The building management has asked us not to smoke or use the incinerator when the smell is stronger. It totally changed our lives.

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