Path of Exile: 3 reasons why the Delusion League is great

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The latest Delirium League in Path of Exile offers a lot of content for RPG fans, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Each new league in Path of Exile will introduce new skill gems and auxiliary gems for players to use. Although most leagues focus on the topic of POE Currency, the Delirium league chose to add some experimental options.

Blade blasting is one of the highlights of the alliance. Detonating piles of blades with other skills can cause huge damage in a medium area. Spellslinger is also an excellent auxiliary gem, it has opened dozens of new construction types related to the wand. All skill gems and support skills that joined the alliance played a big role.

Grinding Gear Games did not call it a few barks, but used him as a supporting role during the campaign to comment on player behavior and story events. During the campaign, many criticisms of our character’s behavior were expressed by "strange voices", and at the same time offered a lore to players who don’t know much about the extensive background knowledge of Path of Exile.

In this alliance, many communities have proposed changes in the quality of life. Now, the player has a storage organization from the upper league in the temporary league, and Alva has undergone an overhaul.

There are more unpopular rooms in the temple of Asoatre now modified to make it worth visiting. It can be said that the best change that this alliance has seen is the inclusion of the "Master Mission" option in the "Map Device" menu, which allows you to choose Buy POE Currency without having to talk to them in the hideout.