Sun Classic is serviced in the Global One Build method

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Sun Classic is serviced in the "Global One-Build" model, where users from each nation, including Korea and Japan, can access the same content on one server SUN Classic Heim. Webzen has been working on worldwide services by testing an exclusive server for local gamers for three months starting in July of this year.

Webzen increased the game's content through the addition of convenience systems, like the 'character owned warehouse frequented requested by game players in the United States. In addition, convenience has been improved by improving users' interface (UI) of 'AC System The Content Representation that is part of Sun Classic.

In addition, Sun Classic operates various communities to ensure that users from different countries can interact efficiently. This is the official Sun Classic community is opened via Discord an international community platform, which provides various game information in real-time, and Webzen's official YouTube channel will be introducing game OST videos, etc.

Meanwhile, Webzen will hold the "Prior Usage Agreement" event until March 9. If you log on to Webzen's Sun Classic event page with your Webzen game account and sign the consent in advance Game items like "Goddess' Grace (3 pieces)", which is able to be used after release will be shown.

The 'Invite Friends Event is scheduled to run until March 16th. After a player who has agreed in advance to make a "Friend Invite URL', and then shares it with friends cheap SUN Classic Heim, the participation in the event can be concluded when a friend who accessed through the URL is able to participate in Sun Classic. Sun Classic game.

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