No More Stagnant Growth on Instagram: Follow this Instagram Growth Checklist

There's no step-by-step guide for Instagram growth. But there are best practices that will help you reach a wider audience and win over new followers.

Many people out there consider Instagram as one of the easiest platforms to use. But as far as Instagram Algorithm is concerned, it is hard to understand it.

Thus there arises a need for Instagram Growth Checklist which can help creators in getting face-to-face with algorithms and grow on this social media platform.

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You might be thinking what is the best way to grow on this platform?

Well, it is an organic way. But for this, you need to know a few core aspects and include that in your Instagram growth checklist.

What are these core concepts, let’s explore!



  • Show up on your feed:


The first point in the Instagram growth checklist is to show up on your feed. Your feed is the first expression to the visitors of your page.

For this, you need to work on creating a theme. This makes a huge impact. The best advice here is to prepare a content calendar and plan things.



  • Reply to all comments on your posts:


At the end of the day, social media is the tool to connect with people, share things, and exchange thoughts.

Thus replying to the comments on your posts is quite a logical approach. In addition to this, the number of comments on your posts acts as a strong indicator to deal with hard to crack Instagram algorithm.

Thus replying to all the comments is the next point in our Instagram growth checklist.



  • Engage with relevant Hashtags:


Some people may disagree that hashtags are out of date thing. Whereas the reality is that it acts as a strong force to drive new visitors to your page.

You just need to identify correct hashtags and start to engage with them.




  • Engage with 10-15 posts that are related to your niche:


Engaging with 10-15 posts related to your niche is one of the most important points in the Instagram growth checklist.

This helps in creating a connection with fellow creators and also builds an engagement community.



  • Upload 3-4 stories to engage with your community:


More or less, stories are considered one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Though it is not an effective way to drive more followers to the page but helps in maintaining the number.

Thus as a measure to keep the audience engage, this is the best way.


Key takeaways:

Social media platforms such as Instagram are also considered as one of the best ways to generate more and more sales on E-commerce platforms. 

Thus having strong social media profiles can significantly help you in getting more and more benefits of Shopify and other E-commerce platforms.

Thus do consider this Instagram growth checklist to grow on this social media platform.