Starting with Video for Content Marketing - What you need to Know

How to use video to enhance your content marketing efforts in 2022.

It can be difficult to justify buying a fancy camera to make videos in order to promote your business the good news is that you can get amazing video production quality simply by using your cell phone in your back pocket today I'm going to recommend one simple thing you can do to improve the quality of videos that you are taking for your business. We don't recommend that you run out and buy the most expensive camera that you can with a lot of budget, the fact is cameras that come on mobile phones are so good that they can be used for almost all marketing purposes. Unless you're a huge company with a bottomless pit of money to spend on making videos, the option of making videos with your mobile phone is definitely the way to go.


Know Your Platforms


The first thing to do is to record your video for the platform you're going to be posting on for example if you'll be posting to YouTube or Facebook. Make sure you record horizontally since that is a standard video format. Resolution or video quality is key to ensuring the quality of your videos. In 2019, the standard quality is 720P across almost all platforms. Truth be told, high definition is quickly going to wayside as people are beginning to expect 4K footage everywhere they look. At this stage, 4K doesn't come on all devices yet, so make sure you're recording in at least 1080 (what is considered full high-definition) so that you can easily change the settings on your phone's camera or video settings manual.


Know Your Angles


Where you put your subject within the frame is important for creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. Keep in mind the Rule of Thirds this concept is simply to divide your frame and discuss both horizontally and vertically and where those lines intersect are the points you want to place your subject or adjective interest. If you are able to spend some cash, we recommend getting a mobile lens that can work with your mobile phone. By having lenses for your phone, you can immediately increase not only the quality of what you are recording, but also what you can capture from the subject. 




Making videos is a great way to enhance your search engine optimization strategy or pay per click marketing strategy as they are an engaging way to create content that people are more likely to click on. As of 2019, 94% of users said that they are more likely to interact with dynamic content when they are strolling through Instagram or Facebook. As for SEO, YouTube plays an important role in sending social signals to your content and is also a great way to enhance click through from videos to your content.

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