What is the procedure for changing an American Airlines flight?

What is the procedure for changing an American Airlines flight?

Here's where to begin if you've made a reservation with the famed American airline but need to modify it. This section will focus on the numerous carrier-approved options for altering the journey. Let's take a look right now, without further ado.

American Airlines allows you to change your AA flight online.

Going online is one of the most popular ways to make flight changes. The following are the stages that make up the technique:

* Begin the procedure by going to aa.com, American Airlines' official website.

* On the site, locate and click the 'My Trips' option.

* To continue, provide the passenger's first and last names, as well as the booking reference number.

* A flight schedule will show. Select the most suited option.

* Next, select the 'Change Flights' option. You won't be able to alter your trip online if this button is disabled. In that case, contact the reservation department.

* Make necessary itinerary modifications and complete the transaction after paying the required price.

Do you require assistance? Simply call the Customer Service Number to learn the best ways to avoid annoyances.

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