Why Is My Attach Button Not Working In Gmail?

Attach Button Not Working In Gmail

Attach button allows an email user to join an external file in the email. This button is active only when you are composing the email. If your attachment exceeds the size limit, you may take the help of cloud storage (like Google Drive) and after uploading the file on it, you may share the link of the file in the email. 


If you are wondering “why can't I attach files in Gmail”, do not fret and try following the below solutions to cope with this issue.

Solutions To “Gmail Attach Button Not Working” Issue


Solutions to tackle the “attach” button issue in an email are discussed ahead. Go through them to resolve the problem.


Solution 1: Maintain Attachment Size

If the “Gmail attach button is not working” in your case, try checking the size of the attachment. If it exceeds the size of 25 MB, you will not be able to attach it. Additionally, do not use “.EXE” files, as these are not allowed to be sent through email for security reasons.


Solution 2: Use Incognito

If the size of the attachment lies under the permissible limit, even then you are not able to use the attach button. In this case, try incognito mode in the web browser and check whether it resolves the issue or not.


Solution 3: Disable the Extensions

Sometimes, extensions (installed in the web browser) interfere with the proper functioning of Gmail, and as a result, the “Gmail attachment button does not work”. So, try disabling them, and after it, check whether the issue is resolved or not.


Solution 4: Use Mobile App

Attach button is not working in the web browser, switch to the mobile app. Compose the email once again and attach the file using the “attach” button. If you can attach the file now, certainly it was the web browser at fault.

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