The purpose of the salary survey is to investigate data such as: salary, variable remuneration (bonuses, PLR , commissions), extras such as hazardous, unhealthy or additional for length of service and others that will compose the “total cash” received by the employee.

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Benefit data (health care, dentistry, life insurance, meal, etc.) can also be searched, which in addition to being collected in a detailed way seeking to thoroughly understand the practice of companies, can be quantified in order to compose the “Total compensation”, that is, the “total in cash” plus the “total benefits” amount that makes up the employee's compensation.


Before any initiative for data collection, a letter or e-mail from the Human Resources Management or the sponsoring company's Board of Directors must be sent to the participating companies in order to have the agreement and availability to participate in the salary survey.

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In this communication, the sponsoring company must guarantee total confidentiality in the information provided by the participating companies, in addition to the commitment to deliver the final report of the tabulation of the collected data. Also observe the rules of the General Data Protection Law - LGPD - Law 13.709 / 2018 , implying that all data must be generic, not identifying employees, only reporting on functions and activities.


To collect the salary survey information, it is important to set up a survey notebook that contains some main information:


Description of the objective of the Work;

List of positions surveyed;

List of participating companies;

Description of the methodology used, the criteria and principles that will guide the research;

Organizational chart of the sponsoring company to identify whether the organizational levels are compatible with that of the participating companies;

The main and most practical means of data collection is through the form or questionnaire, due to the ease of data registration. This form can be printed or electronic.


Other forms of data collection may be adopted to complement the records contained in the form, such as:


Personal visits for interviews or meetings to exchange information;

Meetings of companies or Human Resources Associations;

Phone calls, e-mail exchanges, web groups or videoconferences when there is a closer relationship between companies .


To complement the salary survey, it is possible to collect data other than information on salaries. It is information that serves to identify the practice of benefits and Human Resources Policies adopted by the companies surveyed.

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