This means that more Switch owners can play "Rocket League"

This means that more Switch owners can play "Rocket League"

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Nintendo and game developer Psyonix has finally confirmed a date for the hit game "Rocket League's" Nintendo Switch release that will happen this November.Earlier this week, Psyonix confirmed that "Rocket League" will be added to the Nintendo eShop library and will start to be on sale for Switch owners in the coming weeks.

In the statement, the developer also announced that the Switch version of "Rocket League" would support the console's native features such as wireless local multiplayer. This means that more Switch owners can play "Rocket League" and be competitive in the game's arena at the same time.Meanwhile, as promised, Psyonix will launch "Rocket League" for the Nintendo Switch with all the game modes and contents it has created for the other gaming platforms. In fact, the developers have also added more features to the game's Switch port.

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