Computer Service Technician

Computer Service Technicians ensure that both the hardware

Computer Service Technicians ensure that both the hardware and software equipment of an enterprise are well-secured so that they function uninterruptedly. Known also as PC technicians, they have experience with a variety of tools to effectively troubleshoot problems of Computer Service Technician

Computer service technicians are either employed in large organizations or on-site at client locations or service repair firms. The individual repairs and maintains computers. Technicians also install, support, and repair computer hardware, in addition to addressing networking, software or Internet issues. Typically, they replace or reinstall computer equipment, instead of repairing them because this solution is more cost-efficient. Technicians also work on help desk as technical support specialists. Importantly they should have excellent communication and analytical skills.

Computer Service Technician’s Job Description

Computer Service Technicians are responsible for resolving problems such as hard drive crashes, obsolete hardware, infected files, spyware, malware, viruses, and otherwise compromised operating systems. Since service technicians have to handle clients’ problems, who sometimes may not be tech-savvy, they should demonstrate the ability to stay calm in trying situations.

PC technicians need to stay abreast of the latest trends in the information technology arena. Along with the ability to troubleshoot issues, they should possess superior interpersonal skills as they will interact with many customers. It would be beneficial to specialize in PCs, servers or laptops and ideally to specialize in more than one computer hardware types.

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