. The cherry flavor is quite intense which means if you're an avid fan of cherry flavors that are artificial, it's possible that you won't like these. The bottle we received contained a decent range varieties, and if you find one you don't like, it won't stay


When you open the container it smells sweet and fruity with a slight tart smell that is similar to Sour Patch Kids or perhaps sour Gummy Worms. The smells of the different flavors are a reflection of the fruits they're named after The orange gummies smell like citrus and sweet, while the lemon ones smell similar to Lemon Heads, the blue gummies have a blue raspberry scent The green ones smell like apples as do the red ones. They smell like cherries similar to the cherry Jello.

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies Each flavor is slightly distinct, yet they share the same tart-sweet flavor character. Although the Gummies possess a hint of a herbal flavor but it's barely evident in the taste. Gummies taste just like their smell. Our favorite are the blueberry and orange, though there was not a bad taste in the entire assortment

It's easy to confuse these with ordinary Gummy bears that taste sour, when you don't know what they contained. Since they're not the child-resistant bottle, it's best to be sure to keep them away from the the reach of any children they may have. The gummies will not harm their gummies or create an overdose danger However, you do not want your child eating the entire bottle of of gummy bears in a single time, CBD or any other!


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