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Quick Camp’s will help you meet your critical timelines via our transport and logistics solutions services.

Today, mobile camps Australia have become the favorites of the industries as due to their multiple sales and unique characteristics, they have innovated how construction and engineering projects are developed and performed.


Unlike the sheet huts, the mobile accommodation was designed under rigorous criteria due to the inhospitable environments to which they are exposed. The walls of the Remote camps are made up of high resistance to weathering alloy, specially created to withstand the diverse and extreme climatic conditions to which they are subjected during their useful life.

If you have a large work or project, you are looking for an accessible, functional solution and you need personalized spaces or various mixed spaces such as offices, bathrooms, warehouses, or a combination of these and other types of models. Let us exploit the advantages of modularity, transport, and resistance that construction camps offer you. They create customized engineering and construction camps according to your space needs, budget, and all the necessary characteristics for your project to be a success.

Advantages of mobile camps:

- Mobile camps are quick to set up.
- They waste less or no material.
- They simplify logistics as well as minimize work interruption.

Mobile camps allow us to offer companies that need to accommodate their workers comfortably and safely, throughout the Australian territory. Our mobile work camps have all the necessary units and all the necessary elements to ensure the best environment for users, thus optimizing their productivity.

Mobile camps:

At quickcamps, we specialize in the design and execution of key projects with the use of mining camps anywhere in Australia, especially in areas with special difficulties, living conditions, access, and/or serious security problems.

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We have the necessary engineering for the design of mobile camps, the execution of civil works, the construction of modular buildings, and their complete equipment to provide the necessary solution to:

- Organizations that develop different projects for the communications and construction, oil, mining, energy, and industrial infra in remote areas
- Military operations
- Peacekeeping operations.
- Humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations.

At quickcamps, we have for you the fastest service and a variety of options that adapt to your budget, always maintaining the highest quality and the most innovative technology in solutions for mobile camps. Call us for more info.