Lack of Control

When someone has lost control over money behaviors, she may start every day with the best intentions.
She promises herself that her spending will change.
She goes to Macy's vowing she'll buy just one blouse but leaves with four.
She intends to pay cash for everythin

Many people hit rock bottom in their relationship with money before getting help.But you don’t have to wait to reverse the downward spiral and begin your process of Financial Recovery.No matter how severe your money issues are, you can reverse course and move toward a healthier relationship with money, starting today.There came a moment for me, as there is for so many who struggle in their relationship with money, when I could no longer deny that I’d been overcome by the consequences of my financial behaviors.I realized that every attempt I’d made to fix my financial troubles and change my money behaviors had failed.Something had to change, and that something was me.I had to look at all I’d been avoiding and let go of the fantasy that I could manage things.I felt broken, isolated, alone, and ashamed.Emotionally exhausted and spiritually depleted, I had to recognize the truth.Freedom comes when we reach a place of admitting that our best efforts and sincerest intentions haven’t worked to improve our financial lives.Many of us find ourselves in a troubling relationship with money, lacking the skills and tools for good money management and underestimating the emotional aspects of what may be driving our behaviors with money.I can’t do this on my own.You can begin Financial Recovery right this minute.While not enough can sometimes be a problem, it is often not the primary problem.At the root of many, if not most, people’s ongoing financial trouble is an unhealthy relationship with money.But I discovered over time that the vast majority of my clients knew that it was not just information they needed.They wanted to understand their relationship with money and make lasting changes.Joe and Valerie knew they had to change their relationship with money.He and his wife, Valerie, came to see me shortly after the birth of their first child.Joe had been struggling for years with credit card debt.Like many of us, Joe felt ashamed.He had kept his debt a dark secret, even from those closest to him.When I held my baby in my arms for the first time, I realized that unless I did something different, a day would soon come when he might want a new bike or to go to a summer camp, and I wouldn’t be able to provide it.Not because I didn’t make enough money but because of the financial mess I’ve created.I have to do something.I assured Joe that by starting this process now and continuing the work going forward, he would be able to provide for his family.He and Valerie started working with the Financial Recovery program to address the problems of how they were relating to their money.They developed skills and practices to make it part of their lives.Joe recently called me.It had been several years since I had last seen him.In the past he would have used credit cards for such a trip, a practice that would compromise the future he and Valerie wanted to build for their 417 Puntos de vista