Crossing animals: labor can be exchanged for a better life

If the villagers of the animal crossing do not pay any labor, they are not eligible to live on the animal crossing island.

There are various types of villagers in Animal Crossing. Each villager has their unique personality. So far, there are nearly 400 villagers in Animal Crossing. It will quickly become annoying if you see the same faces every day. To solve this problem, the developer thought of a solution.

Among all 400 villagers, they can only accommodate a limited number of villagers for a limited time. This means that players can only invite ten people to live on the island at a time. The items sold in the ACBellsBuy store are very much needed in the game because the items can help players stay on the island, such as ACNH Bells. This way can keep the face fresh. The villagers of the game want more comfortable opportunities, which means they need to be better than other villagers, how much you can have, and more ways to live on the island.

Fortunately, limiting the number of villagers on the island will help reduce the accumulation of villagers so that they will not be crowded and each villager will have a wide living space. Unfortunately, this approach will expel villagers who are one of the many animals already living on the island.

Until now, no one has been able to increase the number of animal crossings for villagers. It is now forbidden to allow more than 10 villagers on an island. Buy Nook Miles Tickets helps to stay on the island. This means that villagers living on the island need to take great risks. After all, only villagers who are good enough are eligible to live on the island, and those who are not good enough need to leave.

Although ten villagers usually seem not enough to stimulate the economy of the entire island, there is a certain upper limit for crossing depending on the types of animal villagers available. If the ball-bearer does not cherish the feelings of animals crossing the island, then the next departure may be easier to become a reality.

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