Florida's Most Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Services

World class Floor Coatings offers modern Garage Flooring Port St Lucie that are impervious to every day mileage, soddenness, stains, microbes, and brutal synthetic substances.

At Elite Floor Coatings, we administration Epoxy Flooring Port St Lucie County, Martin County and Palm Beach County. We offer a wide variety of private, business, and modern floor covering choices. Flooring that takes into consideration for all intents and purposes boundless plan and has practically limitless shading choices. These floors are exceptionally tough, financially savvy, and simple to keep up with. They can be introduced anyplace that a wonderful and tough completion is wanted.

Regardless of whether you need to fortify your substantial floor, fix or seal existing substantial surfaces, endure extreme modern use or make an all the more outwardly appealing floor finish, our epoxy flooring is an ideal decision.

As your Garage Flooring Port St Lucie project worker, we will walk you through the plan and establishment of your fantasy floor. World class Floor Coatings is trusted by nearby developers and project workers to convey durable deck arrangements.

Epoxy Floor Coating Finishes

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Port St Lucie is great for both private and business conditions that wish to hang out in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and St Lucie County, Florida. They are easy to keep up with, yet they additionally offer a more extended life expectancy and more trendy looks than some other ground surface option available.


  • Simple to keep up with and clean
  • Secures the substantial floor
  • Tastefully satisfying
  • Hard and scraped area safe
  • Pet amicable
  • Stain and compound safe
  • Against microbial
  • Silk or gleam finish

Fast set available for quicker turn around time

  • Wide choice of tones and examples

Custom logos accessible

Where Can You Find Epoxy Floors?

We utilize modern grade epoxy coatings that are high-form, self-evening out, clear, or hued resinous floor frameworks.

Our ground surface frameworks are planned for use in medium to high people strolling through regions like business or modern settings.

  • Stockroom floors
  • Fabricating regions
  • Research centers and clean rooms
  • Auto help regions
  • Show corridors
  • Display areas
  • Clinical and instructive offices
  • Airplane overhangs
  • Carport floors

Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits

World class Floor Coatings offers an assortment of floor gets done with, contingent upon your inclinations and necessities.

Pick a story that matches your inside plan, works on the wellbeing of your representatives or clients, or can endure weighty traffic and hardware.

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Do you need your Port St Lucie brand to stick out or express your innovativeness?

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is the most reasonable 3D method for doing this.

The principal thing individuals see when they enter a business is the floor. Having a one of a kind specially crafted floor like Metallic epoxy will leave a psychological engraving on your clients and assist them with effectively connecting your image with something.

The equivalent goes with home purchasers. Assuming you need your home to stand apart from the rest and assist individuals with recollecting that it, metallic epoxy can without much of a stretch do this.

Metallic Epoxy is a diverse method that joins metallic colors with straightforward epoxy. The colors move while the epoxy is restoring, making remarkable and exceptional plans. Metallic epoxy can copy marble flooring, water, stone, or wood wraps up among others.

Drop Epoxy Floors

Do you really want a story that can endure high mugginess levels?

With the damp environment in Florida, our homes and business are inclined to managing mold issues identified with dampness.

Epoxy Flake with its waterproof capacities, can shield your substantial floor and establishments from shape, microscopic organisms development, and dampness related harms.

Epoxy drop is incredible for use in evolving rooms, storage spaces, carports, pool decks, and carports.

It's the hardest epoxy flooring framework available, that can endure anything you toss at it, perhaps the typhoon season.

Flawless Epoxy Flooring Port St Lucie

Assuming you require sturdy, dependable, and safe ground surface for your modern or business Palm Beach business, flawless epoxy or strong shading epoxy floor is an ideal decision.

Commonly found in distribution centers, avionics shelters, and assembling plants, flawless epoxy floors can endure weighty traffic and solid compound spills.

As deck assumes a crucial part in the security of your representatives and clients, our epoxy floors can be changed to incorporate walkways and slip obstruction.

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