I see folks with like space themes

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Yeah I assess the shore and Animal Crossing Bells that I keep getting peach etc. stuff and things that I can't build. Even the nooks cranny does have 3 things but they are either horrible giant bears again or like 150k and I can not afford that in a day. It appears to be the exact same 20 items that rotate. I have seen the knife rack and safe in a dozen times each in the last couple of months.

I see folks with like space themes and crazy nice looking wood stuff or villager homes have themes and I have literally never seen some of those from the shop.

I have wanted to just construct the ironwood kitchen for ages but never obtained a cutting board recipe. The only things I've the prerequisites met to make are the starting things it's infuriating. I've gotten a few Halloween things I guess but not really valuable.

If it weren't for your Abel sisters and amassing cute clothes I'd have completely checked out months ago.I feel as though I'd get far more enjoyment if I could have several islands. Imagine just starting up a new island just like you would begin a brand new world in Cheap Nook Miles Ticket Minecraft. You can make new designs without needing to let go of your previous creations.

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