I feel like the game was released just like a year too early.

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They really sucked the life out of Nook Miles Ticket this dialogue. Passive-aggressive, sarcastic, and rude dialogue basically sum up the original game.And this dialog is soulless even in comparison to the other recent games. In fact, I remember it being a rarity in that game.

Yeah, it is somewhat sad that you have to talk to them several times just to hear something different and every time after the first they behave like you are breaking your restraining order .

Yeah, this is really starting to bug me. I play a LOT, and the amount of times I get repeat lines from villagers is no joke. Unfortunately I have never played NL, but it is honestly shocking to hear the difference - that I can't for the life span of me know why Nintendo would decide to"dumb down" the villagers such as this.

I feel like the game was released just like a year too early. There's so many things missing. Furniture places, villager dialogue, brewster, nook store upgrades, minigames from tortimer island so that you actually have something to do with buddies online (okay, they weren't that fun, but they could improve upon that notion ), gyroids...

Yep. I understand Nintendo have stated that they'll be releasing upgrades for 2 decades or so, but honestly that is too slow for many players.At this point I'm starting to believe they purposely withheld content so that they might add it afterwards. How else would they know that they've"two years" value of articles to buy Animal Crossing Bells add?

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