Install protection software and update security patches for operating systems

Install protection software and update security patches for operating systems

It is also necessary to install protection software that is reliable and perform regular scans. This is one of the most important measures for data protection, although it is one of the simplest.

A good monitoring tool will work continuously to identify and block threats. This is the case, for example, with the firewall: it actively monitors network connections for malicious data packets or other mechanisms that could indicate an attempted invasion. If something suspicious is found, access is blocked and the manager is automatically notified.

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Another essential and also very simple measure is the update of security patches for operating systems. Recent threats, such as WannaCry , used loopholes that were prevented by a Windows update that was not performed by users.

For this reason, the company should see the update as something that goes beyond a means to gain access to news about its software. Updates eliminate a number of vulnerabilities and thus make software more robust and reliable.

With a good active prevention system and regular checks, it is indeed possible to minimize the threat of having data falling into the hands of cybercriminals. Investing in good antivirus and antimalware software (always within a complete data and information security strategy) will help to safeguard the company's sensitive data more efficiently.

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