Why should you hire professionals for car relocation in Kolkata?

Are you looking for car relocation services in Kolkata then hire the professional car transport company for safe and hassle free shifting.

Hey there! What does relocation feel like, especially when it involves car-like valuable possession? Nerve-racking, isn't it. I, Ritesh Malhotra, have gone through the same pain. Therefore, I have decided to pen down my car relocation in Kolkata experience and share it so you can make the right choice.

Let's take a look at these statics –

According to Statista's report, "4,37,396 road accident cases were reported in India during 2019." Also, the report stated that 151 thousand people are killed in road accidents in India every year. Where as Economic Times's latest report states that 415 deaths per day in road accidents in India.


Now let's get back to my story -

I posted in Rourkela and got a promotion and transfer to Kolkata in January 2011. I have opted for a DIY move to relocate my car. I get goosebumps every time I think about that. Indeed, that was the most horrific incident in my life. I wish I would not have done something stupid like that.

 Nidhi (my wife) and I, with our daughter, started our journey. We thought we would reach the destination in 12-13 hours. It was fun at the beginning, but I got too tired by the evening. The road conditions were poor, and I started feeling drowsy. Due to darkness and drowsiness, I jumped my car into a major pothole. My wife and I got serious injuries. Thank God, Mishti (My little daughter) got saved. It was a terrible experience.

 Recently I have shifted to Delhi from Kolkata. This time I hired car bike transport services in Kolkata through MoveMyCar to relocate my two vehicles (my car and bike). My experience with them was excellent. I request all of you stay awake while driving and opt for professional moving services. Please, don't put your and your loved ones' life at risk just to save some penny.