Players should not rush to complete quests and use Fast Traveling extensively in New World

You can't rush for anything in the New World game, especially for players who won't enter PvP.

You can't rush for anything in the New World game, especially for players who won't enter PvP. This phenomenon is very obvious in the early stage of the game. If you just find a fixed path to explore, then you will only gain so much. Many of the resources you need require players to enter inaccessible areas to find them. In the main road that players often pass by, most of the resources are very limited, so they become unreliable.

In addition to resources, when you discover a new landmark, you will be rewarded with XP and territorial reputation. These two things are very helpful to players in the early stage of the game, and can make their ability and level upgrade RPG New World Coins very obvious. Territory Rep can provide you with an upgrade of the entire territory, making it easier for players to collect and obtain extra XP and other rewards.

If you choose to use Fast Traveling a lot and complete the quests in a hurry, it will cost you early Azoth, making them more difficult to New World Coins collect at low levels. Because this resource will be used a lot in production and Fast Traveling. The cost of Fast Travel will be proportional to the distance of your Fast Travel and the weight you carry.

The early stage of the game is a stage that every player needs to go through, and because of the lack of level and equipment, many challenges are often impossible to complete. But those good equipment require players to spend a lot of New World Coins to get, which is impossible for players who just started the game. If you want to get a large amount of New World Coins immediately, you can go to NewWorldCoins to buy directly, where the price is not only cheap, but the transaction is very safe and worthy of the players' trust.