Fastest Tips to Level Up In League of Legends

Playing the league of legends game requires dedication, effort patience and time.


Playing the league of legends game requires dedication, effort patience and time. Though an interesting game, reaching level 30 is not a walk in the park. This could take you several weeks, months and every year depending on how much patience you have, time and money to commit to the game. If you play unranked matches you may buy an unranked lol account.

Win games

It goes without saying that winning matches in League of Legends will net you more EXP than losing them. This means that to level up you’ve got to aim for the win. With this in mind it’s best to party up with a like-minded friend for extra coordination!

Buy EXP Boosts

A boost temporarily increases the amount of EXP you’ll earn at the end of each match. There are two kinds of boost: Duration and Win Boosts.

Both of these Boosts can be purchased from the Riot Store using Riot Points, which you’ll have to fork out real world currency for.

Duration Boosts offer double the base EXP earned from a game, while Win Boosts add a healthy 210 XP on top of any match you play.

Duration Boosts last for a certain period of time, while Win Boosts will only be applied if you Win a game and only expire once you’ve won a certain amount.


Building a great League of Legends account quickly is about picking the right games. For example, in the beginning stages, you can earn an equal amount of XP if you play coop vs beginner as you would playing a PVP game. Opt for the easiest game to maximise your chances of earning XP.

Team up with other players who share your goals

If you have friends on your side, you will maximize your chances of winning your matches quickly. The quicker you win matches, the more you can play and the more XP you will earn.

Use spells just like the pros!

League of Legends really is a game of strategy. You have to know when to use spells and when to not bother, especially when you are playing against bots. The best spells to use are Ignite and Teleport because they increase the damage to bots. If you are trying to complete games quickly you should avoid Cleanse and Smite. There are lots of spells, so make sure you spend some time researching to figure out the best ones to use in specific situations.

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