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It's been a few months since I officially said goodbye as an independent escort Kiev. To no longer offer escort services was a conscious decision. Or rather, I was thinking of a "smooth transition", so escort service yes, but without physicality.

There are enough men who are simply happy about a stylish, happy, clever company, it is always nicer to two, no matter what you do. Book an escort service Ukraine and come to terms with the fact that it is pure accompaniment.

I created the possibility for this and linked this page here on escort Ukraine.
Escort service Munich for those who prefer to travel as a couple rather than alone.

1 Conclusion: it is not a sure-fire success.

I think it's a shame. But it also fits that way.

You go further in life, everything is constantly changing, you are more involved in the right job, you have less time, you now know how to divide your time differently and other doors that you hadn't expected. Somehow I've become freer, I set different priorities, friendships take on a different meaning, the superficial, the quick, the quick, beautiful evening has passed and something else has come. A depth and appreciation, a different perception of time and people. If there is not enough time, events just come and go, that may change you if you are not careful.

I like the truthfulness that is now showing in my life, encounters that build on something else and are not built on the exchange of a service. Everything in life has its time and I stopped at the right moment, the new law actually did me a favor, I am glad that it actually made my decision to stop the escort Munich business easier for me. As an independent escort, I was free in my decision when I made one, but it was also difficult to always make the right decisions and the back office was hours of work, mostly at night, between the real world and the few dates when Google doesn't like you , You don't have a date as an escort lady, because nobody will find you. Nobody has found me for a while now, my page has slipped, but it's a good feeling that it doesn't bother me anymore - the transition period is successful.

I love my blog here, maybe it will turn into a book at the end - and then the page will be gone.
If it weren't for the blog and the link to the other side, see above, who knows whether this wonderful site would still exist. There is a lot of passion and authenticity in it, but I'm not as attached to her as I was recently.

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