Heartbreaking pain! พนันบอลออนไลน์ Carra dismisses ex-Chelsea star critics for never winning the league

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Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool defender Opened his mind after being said by David Luiz that he had never won the league, but had a face to criticize other people's play. Identify one's duties along the line to analyze each player's play. but accepts often criticizes its form The Brazilian defensive line often makes him stink.

          Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has hit back at ex-Arsenal and Chelsea centre-back David Luiz after he was criticized for failing to win the English Premier League during his playing days. "Red Swan"

          Carra, who is currently working as a game analyst for Sky Sports. He was a hilarious duo with former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville, who regularly criticized Luiz's form during his time in the Premier League.

          However, Luiz, who is now moving to play for Flamengo in the Brazilian top league. Ever won the Premier League with Chelsea 1 time, can't resist having to counter Carragher that he has the right to criticize his play despite Discussed that he has never touched the league championship trophy even once.

              I found this kind of heartbreaking. Carragher countered that "David Luiz used to criticize me in the newspaper. Said I'd never won the league just because I criticized him as a player and I criticized David Luiz, there's no doubt about it. This is not a personal matter."

              “But he was right that I never won the league. We are completely different players. And that's why I criticize his work so often. and maybe he doesn't like me But if I see him now I have no problem because he criticizes me too.”

              “What I've learned is that as you get older, don't worry too much about what people think. or talking about you I mean, we don't like being criticized anyway. พนันบอลออนไลน์ but when you get older You're just like -I'm not in awe of that-" Carragher said.

         Luiz won the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Europa League twice while at Chelsea and won the FA Cup twice while playing for the Blues with Arsenal. Knoll has also won two Ligue 1 titles as well, while "Carra" has won all titles except for the elite league champions.

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