Why won't the computer start?

Also, the computer can boot perfectly, but only until the desktop background appears, then a blank black screen appears.

Someone has a whole life in their computer, someone uses it for work purposes, and someone - for relaxation and entertainment, in any case, if the computer does not boot , in no case should you panic and press all the buttons at once , first you need to observe what exactly happens to him after and during the activation process, and then take the most elementary measures to revive him or call the master.

As we already said, first of all, if your computer does not boot, you need to understand what is the reason. There are times when, when the button is pressed, the power-on process begins, but the operating system does not load.

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What you will see and hear is probably a squeak after pressing the power button and the appearance of numbers and letters on the screen. At the same time, the screen can be black or blue, another name for the blue screen, common among users - " screen of death ", which does not mean that the problem is fatal to the operating system and it cannot be recovered.

Most often, this indicates that the trouble happened with the system files, for example, they were damaged. The easiest and safest way that a layman in the IT field can use is to press the F8 key at boot, which means that you can start in safe mode. When you press the F8 button in the menu, select "Safe Mode", and if the download continues, then follow the scheme: Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore .
Further prompts in the menu will help you recover your system.
Also, the computer can boot perfectly, but only until the desktop background appears, then a blank black screen appears. Then most likely your operating system needs a large-scale cleaning or cleaning from viruses, perhaps you have a problem with the video card drivers.

However, it also happens that the computer refuses to turn on and does not show any signs of life. This is already a more serious hitch, in the elimination of which only a competent and experienced master will help, in our case he will arrive right at home for your convenience and save time.

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