For anybody who's f2p and wants a good way to make money

For anybody who's f2p and wants a good way to make money

For anybody who's f2p and wants a good way to make money, I worked out a couple of days back and have made 2mil in about 4 hours. First, visit the Grand Exchange and buy however many fire runes you want, for 2gp each. Trade himand market all of your fire runes into him. Sell per hour: a bit more than 2k a minute, so an RS gold estimated 140k (more if you're fast ) per hour. Overall gain per hour: 140k times 3gp is 420k gp per hour (again, rate increases this number)

Hope this works for you. PLEASE NOTE: Grand Exchange prices fluctuate often, and this method will only operate if the fire rune price is 4gp or lower to give profit (it is not recommended to do this method if fire rune price is over 3gp). Okay, so now I had been playing a bit of conquest like that I do. I make it really clear that I don't like fighting folks with more than 1 champ (I say"fighting with a single or less champ". He challenges me. Moments after the game began, I discovered he had two champs. He cast Chastise, on my Archer which couldn't have attacked him Charge, atleast 20 times.

Throughout the match, he kept wasting his Chastise on things he should not have, used stoicism when I wasn't near him, utilized BC to kill my scouts and then when I tried to assist him (I have a tendency to pity people with punctuation that dreadful ), he said he doesn't need my help because he's undefeated. Halfway through the game, he states"u catn win u hav no cham", also says"ul nevar kil m champ bcuz I r savin my points for stoicism an chartise." And then, in the conclusion he says I cheated as my Mage murdered his champ. Can he be a godly troll, or just a seven year-old? Additionally, feel free to post any your experience with trolls! I enjoy hearing stories about them.

I was going to put this in Suggestions but I truly don't have any solid ideas on how to repair it. This is more or less my view as opposed to a proposal ... yeah. I really believe the botting problem can be tracked back to the biggest issue with Runescape, which is grinding. I have not played WoW, or any other MMO, however from what I understand it has much less of a grind, as well as needing less robots running around.

I understand people take pride in their stats, and also the time it took to receive them, but let us be fair here. Grinding does not mean much. It buy rs gold paypal will not take any kind of effort or skill, only spare time and willingness to squander hours doing repetitive tasks.

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