Nice to meet you, my scientific master.

Nice to meet you, my scientific master.Nice to meet you, my scientific master.

Before Mrs. Ye had finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Zhengliang's frown. "Don't mention him," he said. Mrs. Ye was a little puzzled. "What's the matter with you?" Ye Zhengliang did not explain, but said, "I have something to go out, so I don't have to wait for breakfast." At the end of his speech, he turned around and left directly, wearing a tie as he walked. Mrs. Ye looked at his back and somehow thought of her husband's resolute back when he left home to see his ex-wife that night more than twenty years ago. Why are you so upset? Mrs. Ye raised her hand to her heart and muttered to herself. Outside the Ye House. Ye Zhengliang's physical and mental state is absolutely not suitable for driving, so he did not try to be brave to drive by himself. The driver drove the car in front of him, opened the door for him, he directly stepped on and sat down, then closed the door, the driver went to the seat to drive, the car slowly drove up, followed the morning sun a little bit away. Jiang Yan stood at the window to see the whole process of his departure, although she wanted to say something, even to apologize for her attitude yesterday, but now there was no chance. The door was knocked, Jiang Yan said "come in", then cleaned up the mood and turned around. It was Mrs. Ye, who was wearing a long plain dress,Vending Machine Motor, and her posture was as dignified and elegant as when she first saw her. Nurse Jiang is up. Mrs. Ye said casually, "did you sleep well last night?" Jiang Yan forced a smile, did not speak, in fact, sleep well or not, everyone should know, Ye Zhengliang happened that kind of thing, I believe that all the people living in this room will not sleep well. Mrs. Ye knew that she had asked in vain. She quickly went on to say,12v High Torque Motor, "Ah Liang went out early in the morning. Did you see him in front of the window just now?" Jiang Yan is now standing in front of the window, Ye Zhengliang left the movement is not small, how can she not see? She was silent. Mrs. Ye went on to say, "I haven't had a good talk with Nurse Jiang since it happened. In fact, we all believe in you, including Ah Liang. Before you came back that night, Ah Liang actually just woke up.." "Just woke up?" Jiang Yan frowned. Yeah, just woke up. Mrs. Ye nodded and said, "He fainted and was in poor health.". In fact, a Liang won't let me tell you this, but I think you have to know a little. This matter is a big blow to a Liang, even if he did not show, in front of you is still so calm. He answered a phone call this morning and hurried out. His current physical condition, I am really worried that he will have an accident alone. “…… And the driver followed him. Jiang Yan clumsily tried to reassure Mrs. Ye, but that's not what Mrs. Ye wanted at all. I hope you can follow it for me. Mrs. Ye said in a low voice, Brushless Gear Motor ,small geared motors, "Ah Liang's father and I can trust you. We all believe that you are not a person who will do something wrong and will not let Ah Liang be hurt like the people before.". Now in this family, we can rest assured only if you watch him for us. Looking at Mrs. Ye's earnest face, Jiang Yan took a deep breath and said, "But." He's been gone for a while, and I don't think I can catch up with him, and I don't know where he's going.. Mrs. Ye smiled and said lightly, "You don't have to worry about this at all. Every car in the family has a positioning system. I'll ask another driver to take you there. You can prepare for it." With that, Mrs. Ye turned and left, and the worry that had rushed out of her heart eased a little. In fact, she could catch up with her own, but first, she knew very well who her son was, and she would resist it. Second, she also knew very well that the source of Ye Zhengliang's insomnia and depression was Jiang Yan. If Jiang Yan could take the initiative, he would probably not be so uncomfortable. Three come.. It is also the most important point. The better their feelings are now, in the future, after the outbreak of the past, Jiang Yan's chances of staying with Ye Zhengliang will probably be greater. With a lot of selfishness, Mrs. Ye arranged a car to send Jiang Yan to find Ye Zhengliang. Watching the car slowly drive away from the door, she exhaled inexplicably, not knowing whether she had done the right thing or not. Ye Zhengliang has now arrived at a Chinese restaurant in the suburbs, because this is the morning, there are very few people here, very quiet, but it reduces a lot of trouble. The driver waited in the car. He got out of the car and went into the restaurant. Not long after, about ten minutes later, another car stopped at the door of the restaurant. Jiang Yan got out of the car and the driver followed him. The driver of Ye Zhengliang's car saw them and immediately got out of the car. Miss Kang? Lao Zhang? The driver looked at them unexpectedly. "What are you doing here?" Jiang Yan's driver took one look at her and asked her directly, "Where is the young master?"? Is it in there? The driver nods say: "Went in to also come with respect to 10 minutes, do you look for young master?" The driver did not speak, Jiang Yan nodded, thanked him, and went into the restaurant. In fact, she did not know where he would be, anyway, he is here, looking for it can always be found. The Chinese restaurant was very ordinary, there were very few guests, and there was almost no food in the hall. She went into the room and looked around, and concluded that he must be in a private room. In fact, Ye Zhengliang is indeed in the private room at the moment. With him, there is Sun Ru. Sun Ru, wearing a black dress, sat on a chair, facing Ye Zhengliang. I don't really have any hope that you will come. She stood up and held out her hand to him openly. "Thank you." Ye Zhengliang glanced at her hand, ignored it, and sat there motionless, refusing people thousands of miles away. Sun Ru didn't seem to care much about this. She sat down again and said slowly: "Today, we are all his victims. I apologize for what I did to you in the past. I didn't want to ask you to forgive me and treat me as before. But now,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, we are standing on one side. I think you must be trying to recover the loss. At this time, you should need me." She stared at Ye Zhengliang and said, "No one in the world knows Qin Mian and his company better than I do." Ye Zhengliang looked directly at her: "How much do you think I will believe you?" 。

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