The devils pillow man

The devils pillow manThe devils pillow manThe devils pillow manThe devils pillow man

Among the crowd, he was always unfathomable, even gentle, usually elegant as an aristocrat, without the slightest smell of blood. His smile, often touched the corners of the mouth, black eyes are unfathomable, people can not see through. Did not expect such an introverted man, there will be a surprising move, this moment has brought a new wife, causing a "peerless" panic out of control. I thought about it and let Shangguan Mei know that there would be no good thing. In the cold weather, Ji frowned thickly, and his hand on the waist of the flower spike tightened a little. Please don't mention that name. My stomach hurts. The Dodger groaned and stretched out his hand to protect his aching stomach, but when he heard the name, he couldn't help trembling. Shangguan Mei is extremely beautiful, and has an unmatched intelligence,liquid bottle filling machine, which is not inferior to her elder brother Shangguan Li. But the headache is that she is cunning and evil, also called the world's first class, when the members of the group are suffering from love, she is absolutely willing to add insult to injury. Leng Tianji chose to conceal the marriage, is undoubtedly a wise move, this way,CSD filling line, it is worth learning from partners, perhaps can effectively avoid the woman's evil. Huo Yaohuan sighed and did not bother to defend Shangguan Mei. After many years together, she knows more about Shangguan Mei's evil deeds than others. Is that Shangguan Mei very annoying? Flower spikes raise questions, curiosity is aroused, such a strong scolding phenomenon is rare even among children in the kindergarten. Several people on the scene nodded forcefully and easily reached a consensus. The cold day Ji narrowed his black eyes and pondered for a moment. Don't mention Shangguan Mei. Explain the matter clearly first. He stretched out his hand and held her cautiously around him. Yi Sheng raised his eyebrows and stared at the scene in front of him. I have known the butcher for many years, but I have never seen him. He has such a cautious attitude. His expression is not camouflage but sincere tenderness. In fact, only a few people know that the elegance and gentleness of cold weather is an illusion, and his terrible danger is indescribable. But in front of him, when protecting his wife, the tenderness in the cold man's eyes was genuine. Yi Sheng couldn't help wondering what ability the flower spike had, and how much weight it had in his heart in the cold weather, which could touch the tenderness in his heart. What is it? She did not understand why her husband was so cautious, plastic bottle making machine ,juice filling machine, as if he were facing a formidable enemy. His expression was so heavy that he seemed to be very upset. Even when her mother heard that the price of vegetables had risen, her face was better than his. Someone's after you. "It was just two perverts looking for someone to operate on, and I was unlucky to be targeted." She shrugged her shoulders and answered as a matter of course. This is no accident. Those two are organ dealers on the black market, and they're after you because you have something they want. The cold sky looked at her, and the black eyes were unfathomable. They want my heart? Flower spike's hand fell on the chest to protect tightly, can not help but hit a shiver. After all, it's not pleasant to be seen by organ traffickers. Everyone has a heart, so why do you want to rob her? Her stomach turned and her face wrinkled at the thought of her heart being torn out in blood. What's the matter? He was so careful that he immediately noticed a difference in her face. I'm not feeling well. She said, frowning. Do you want to vomit? "Don't waste food!" She refused with her eyes wide open, covered her lips with her hands, and resolutely refused to vomit. Now, even if the lobster came back to life and bared its teeth in her stomach, she would close her lips and digest it with willpower. The Thief walked over to the table, pressed a button, and the log top slid open, raising a huge LCD screen. He took out the chip and put it into the computer to read. In the twinkling of an eye, the screen flashed violently, and countless data and data appeared. This is the data sent to organ trafficking organizations around the world two months ago, which is the comparison data of blood types and the lowest state of rejection. "The thief explained, skipping the process of stealing the chip himself." Exclusion? They want a heart transplant? After a long illness, Huamiao became a good doctor and saw on the screen the medical terms that often appeared on the chart. Yi Sheng stared at the screen and frowned slowly. This man's blood type is a rare A-type Bombay. It was the first time he had seen this blood type. "Of the 26 blood types discovered so far, 22 are rare. People with rare blood types will have to find a suitable organ for transplantation unless a miracle happens." "This man decided to buy miracles with money." The thief curled the corners of his mouth, fully showing his disapproval. This heart is wanted by an arms dealer in Europe. His heart disease has reached the terminal stage. Unless he has a heart replacement, he will die. "Are you familiar with the A-Bombay type?" Leng Tian Ji looked down at his attentive little wife. Of course She answered in a low voice and looked at each other with the flower seedlings. From an early age, they have been constantly warned that they must be careful, otherwise, in case of an accident, there is no blood they can use in the blood bank except for their sisters' blood that can be transfused for emergency. I once asked my father why there was a name that sounded like the blood type of Indian Ah San when he was obviously Taiwanese. My father was speechless, and the ancestors buried in the grave were even more speechless. Fang Yu and Song Jie are local snakes, and naturally they know which people in Taiwan have the A-type Bombay blood type. After discovering that Hua Miao had some heart problems, she was excluded from the list and then found you. The cold weather explained slowly and watched her expression. He didn't want to frighten her, but he couldn't help explaining something so dangerous. If he could, he would rather put himself in danger than implicate the flower spike. However, I never thought that the crisis was directed at Hua's family. He didn't care where those people got the heart they needed, but he couldn't touch his wife! He will not spare anyone who dares to hurt her! The God made a face, crossed himself, and prayed for those who did not know each other. Your sister's heart is not suitable for transplantation because of congenital diseases,liquid bottle filling machine, while your heart, which is fresh and healthy, will become a target. He said. Fresh and healthy? She felt a little strange when she heard others describe her heart in this way.

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