Glass ball game

Glass ball gameGlass ball gameGlass ball game

I didn't say you were wrong. You obviously did the right thing at the time, or I wouldn't be so comfortable after that confession. "Then there is no need to mention it.". But I did give you a long and severe punishment at that time, although I didn't say a word. I let you come with me, made you a servant, forced you to return to your old job, forced you to listen to confessions-that's why you fled your cave. With these words, Elder Dion turned to walk away. He had always been averse to long speeches. Josephus, however, was very stubborn this time. You knew then that I would obey you, and I think you expected it before I confessed to you, even before I knew you. No, I just want to ask now: Is this the only reason you treat me like this? The old man walked up and down for a moment, then stopped in front of Josephus, put his hand on his shoulder, and said, "My son, the people of the world are like children.". And the sages-yes,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the saints do not come to us to confess. But we, you and I, are of the same kind. We are ascetics, seekers of truth, recluses, not children, not innocent people,Pietra Gray Marble, and therefore not people who can be corrected by preaching and punishment. We, we are the real sinners, we are the people who have knowledge and thought, we have eaten the fruit of the tree of wisdom in heaven, so we should not take a whip like a child and then let it go. We will not return to the secular world after repenting and enduring punishment, and we will not indulge in pleasure, fame and occasionally kill each other like the secular people. The sin we experience is not a fleeting nightmare that cannot be undone by repentance or sacrifice. We are dwelling in sin, so we cannot be without sin. We are eternal sinners. We dwell in sin, in the fire of our own conscience. We know that we cannot pay the great debt we were born with all our lives, unless God has mercy on us after we die. Josephus, this is the reason why I cannot force you to accept my sermon and force you to repent. We are not guilty of this or that, but live forever in a sense of original sin. Therefore, Agate Stone Price ,pietra gray marble, you and I only have a relationship of mutual knowledge and mutual respect, and we can never treat and correct another person by means of punishment. Don't you understand? "Yes," answered Josephus softly. I've got it. "Then we need say no more useless words," the old man said shortly, turning to the big stone of the gate and kneeling on it to begin his daily prayers. As the years passed, Elder Dion became weaker and weaker, so that Josephus had to help the old man get up every morning, otherwise he could not stand up. Then came the morning prayer, after which the old man could not stand up again, and had to be supported by Johannes, and then the old man sat staring into the distance all day. This is the general situation, some days, the old man also has the strength to stand up by himself. The old man was not always able to do the work of listening to confessions. Whenever Johannes took his place, the elder Dion would call the confessor to him afterwards and say to him, "My time is near, my child, and I am near my time.". Please tell people that Josephus here is my successor. When Josephus tried to interject, the old man gave him a very stern look and forced him to shut up. One day, the old man seemed more lively and got up alone without help. He called Josephus to him, and together they went to a place at the edge of the little garden. "This is where you will bury me," the old man said. "Let's dig the grave together. I think we still have some time.". Give me a shovel. From that day on, they always dug a small piece of land every morning. Whenever Elder Dion felt that he had some strength, he would take out a few shovels full of earth, and although it was very hard, his face was more cheerful, as if the work had brought him great pleasure. And this happy expression is often on his face all day. The old man has maintained a good state of mind since he started digging the grave. "You must plant a palm tree on my grave," the old man said as they were digging one day. "Maybe you'll live long enough to eat of it.". If you can't eat it, someone else will. I always plant trees, but I still plant too little. As the saying goes, if a man does not plant a tree and leave a son, he should not die. Well, I not only planted a tree, but also left a son, and you are my son. Josephus noticed that the old man looked more and more cheerful and calm. He had never seen the old man so cheerful since they had met. One evening, when it was dark and they had dined and said their evening prayers, the old man called Josephus to his bed and asked him to sit by his bed for a moment. "I want to tell you something," he said kindly. The old man's expression was clear and there was no sign of tiredness. Do you remember your last bad day in that hut near Gaza? You were even tired of life, so you ran away and decided to visit old Dion and tell him your story, do you remember? Then you met the old man at the hermit's colony and asked him where Dion Pugill lived,Granite Slab Supplier, remember? Smell, you remember. Is it like a miracle that you finally found out that this old man is Dion Pugil? I am going to tell you why this has happened, because the whole situation seems like a miracle to me!.

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