The nation split, as eer mounts and rivers remain.

The nation split, as eer mounts and rivers remain.The nation split, as eer mounts and rivers remain.

The Japanese officers on the battlefield were somewhat alarmed to find that the 12th District Team in Ishii Town was even completely different from the Eighth Route Army, the "Eighth Route Army", which the Japanese army had always called them, but now in front of them was a crazy soldier armed to the teeth, their weapons and equipment were even better than those of the Japanese puppet army, showing a fierce uniform. Like money, the machine guns pouring bullets and the roaring cannons are not like a local eight routes. In front of the 12th District Team, the Japanese puppet troops in Renqiu County could only wear the word "soil" on their heads. It was not until the full-scale confrontation that the Japanese puppet troops in Renqiu County really realized the horror of the 12th District Team. Oh no, in the eyes of the soldiers in the 12th District Team, there was a more terrible guy in their district. Almost every soldier who had experienced the recruits knew how the legendary devil instructor in the recruit company told the recruits what was ferocious. The soldiers on the battlefield, however, completely exposed the ferocity they had learned to the Japanese and puppet troops. Once fearful of Japanese brutality, after a career as a recruit, the soldiers hardly cared about the bravado of the Japanese. Li Wei was staring with boiling blood at the shouts and the fog of blood from the fourth company's position. Suddenly, he heard someone behind him saying angrily, "Li Wei!"! What are you doing, you little bastard?! Me?! Li Wei did not have time to get angry, but immediately softened down, this voice is not who,75 inch smart board, it is the district captain Wang Bao, he turned around, but Wang Bao's strong hand to pick up the collar, saw an angry face. Bao, brother Bao! ~ Have you eaten! It is a fine day today Li Wei has a guilty conscience, he has always belonged to one of the elements of the side door, met Wang Bao,75 smart board, who has always been upright and awe-inspiring, since ancient times, evil prevails over good, people's roots are red and seedlings are right, naturally with a sense of dignity. Looking at the expression on Li Weiyi's face that there was no silver here, Wang Bao's tone was not good: "Look at what you've done!"! Left leaning or right leaning, do you fight like this?! Where did you forget the policy of guerrilla warfare?! He pointed to the position of the fourth company of a regiment in the west of Shijing Town. Almost half of the troops of the 12th District Team were thrown in. Since the establishment of the 12th District Team, it has not been used so luxuriously many times. Baidu Search Book Bar to Read the Latest and Most Complete Novels/ [db: wangzhi] Section 437 WWW. XiAosHuoTX T. Com, Erxiong Ono put all his eggs in one basket to make the blockade line of the Japanese puppet army outside the town of Ishii appear loopholes because of insufficient troops, and Wang Bao, who had been wandering outside the blockade line and was eager to return to the district team, seized the opportu nity and successfully penetrated the blockade line of the Japanese puppet army. Wang Bao, who staged a return of the king, immediately made Li Wei, electronic board for classroom ,digital touch screen board, who had just been imposing, half short. "This, this, train your troops. Sooner or later, you will have to fight a tough battle. Is it different to fight early or late? It is also good to accumulate some experience early." In front of Wang Bao, Li Wei's words, which were somewhat reasonable, also became guilty involuntarily. Training?! You don't even have a thousand troops, so you want to fight with more than three thousand enemies? You think soldiers' bodies are made of steel! Bullets don't hurt?! Wang Bao stared. In his eyes, Li Wei's explanation was more like a clumsy excuse. This boy was using the main force of the 12th District Team to be a hero. The sixth company's two Type 95 infantry guns kept bombarding, Wang Bao's throat choked, the Eighth Route Army has not a few units of artillery dare to fire for such a long time, almost catch up with the level of the decisive battle, when the 12th District Team was forced to a decisive battle with the enemy?! Li Wei is the first boy. Wang Bao, don't blame Wei Zi, this is the decision we all made together! Chen Jiayao's face was unhappy. As soon as Wang Bao returned to the district team, he seemed to be a new person. He grabbed Li Wei and got angry, which made her a little unhappy. "Are you just fooling around with him?!"! The battle was a great success, but what about the casualties? Do you still want the 12th District Team to continue to exist?! Wang Bao pushed away Li Wei, who was pulled away and almost rolled his eyes. He didn't want to lose his temper too much in front of Chen Jiayao. Anyway, the demeanor of the family should be maintained. Casualties?! Wang Bao, you look down on our district team too much! Up to now, only 51 people have been killed and 97 wounded in our district, while at least one battalion of the enemy in Renqiu County has been completely annihilated in front of our position, not to mention the enemy who has been consumed by our guerrillas outside the base area. At least there is a squadron, you calculate, Renqiu County can have a few brigades?! Whether we consume the enemy first or the enemy consumes us first, it is not necessarily that more people will take advantage of it. Chen Jiayao almost always concerned about the battle damage situation, directly reported the current record. Li Wei rubbed his neck and did not die in the hands of the Japanese, but almost hung in the hands of his own people. Standing aside with a pitiful face, Sister Jiayao came at the right time. A brigade?! Wang Bao a surprised, almost as long as a little calculation can be calculated, the enemy and our battle damage ratio is 20 to 1, according to the battle damage ratio, I'm afraid the enemy was completely annihilated in Renqiu County, and the twelve district team at most less than two hundred people died, although the loss of at least one and a half companies of troops, but the Japanese puppet forces in the area of Renqiu County were almost all swept away. For the Eighth Route Army, it was almost like entering no man's land. Li Wei! This little bastard can also command such a battle. I look down on him. Wang Bao did not answer Chen Jiayao, he muttered in a low voice, fifty-one comrades sacrificed in exchange for the total annihilation of an enemy battalion, which was somewhat beyond Wang Bao's expectation. In front of the artillery fire and a hail of bullets to kill so many days of line-ups, so little casualty rate can only be described by thunder and rain,digital interactive whiteboard, I'm afraid Wang Bao himself is not very confident to be able to do so. Since Wang Bao put it down, he was too nervous. The other company commanders were not so easily fooled. They all had their own opinions. Even if Li Wei acted as the captain of the district, the other company commanders and instructors would not let him go crazy.

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