Broken Sword Swordsman

Broken Sword SwordsmanBroken Sword SwordsmanBroken Sword Swordsman

Without waiting for Lv Xinfo to finish, Xiao Jianhan immediately shouted, "Brother Lv, in my opinion, let's check all the way at the same time. This is a waste of time, but there will never be any more omissions!" By this time, Fang Bizheng had already arrived. When he heard this from a distance, he shouted, "Brother Xiao, Fang agrees!" Zheng Xuanming gave a dry cough and said, "Xiao Laodi is as careful as his hair. I admire him very much." Xiao Jianhan stared at "Hua Sou" Zheng Xuanming and said, "Old Zheng, have you ever been to Beppu before?" "I've been here," said Zheng Xuanming. Xiao Jianhan said, "I've just come out of Jianghu, and I've seen and heard very little. This is the first time I've come to Yuhan Beppu. It's better to find out where to start. I'd like to ask Zheng Lao for advice." Zheng Xuanming nodded and said, "The old wife should serve you." Turning to Lv Xinfu, he said, "Lv Lao, you are very familiar here. Where should we start?" Lu Xinfo frowned and said, "Just look back from this Patriarch Hall." Xiao Jianhan glanced at Fang Bizheng lightly and said, "Brother Fang,Faux cherry blossom tree, you and I will clear the way." And with these words he stepped out of the temple toward the house that was backward. Fang Bili, Lv Xinfo, Zheng Xuanming followed Xiao Jianhan silently, looking around very carefully all the way to see if there was anything suspicious! Strangely, in addition to the heavy smell of blood, they did not even find a drop of blood, the emperor to find out what suspicious traces! Xiao Jianhan in the heart but do not believe, since the whole "jade letter Beppu" is full of bloody smell,fake blossom tree, why not see a drop of human blood? Besides, Yu Wenlong is just less than an hour earlier than himself, how can they have such a clever and quick way to destroy Huashan-send the whole door to do so neatly! When they went all over Beppu and found nothing, they had to put their wishes on the Patriarch Hall and the White Feather Real Man! So they went back to the temple! As soon as the four of them stepped into the door, Fang Bizheng exclaimed in surprise, "Where are the people?" People? What people? "Who did you see, Brother Fang?" Asked Lu Hsin-fo. When Xiao Jianhan stepped into the hall, he found that the body of Bai Yu Zhenren had disappeared! But he was more calm, because he had long thought that there would not be no one in the room, nor no one, but someone hiding in the dark! The reason why he wanted four people to go to see it together was to prove it! Sure enough, he expected it! But he didn't know where the man was hiding? "Hua Sou" Zheng Xuanming also lost his voice and said, "Is there anyone alive in Beppu?" "Of course," Xiao Jian snorted coldly! The White Feather Taoist won't come back from the dead and hide himself! Fang Bizheng raised his eyebrows and said, "Brother Xiao, outdoor ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, where is this man hiding?" Xiao Jianhan actually smiled! It was not surprising that he could laugh under such circumstances! With a laugh, Xiao Jianhan turned to the old man and said, "Old Zheng, you are always among us. You are the one who is most familiar with Beppu. Do you know where you can hide people in this mansion?" He such a sudden inquiry, can not help but make Fang Bizheng and Lu Xinfo at the same time a daze! Because Lv, Fang two people to this "jade letter Beppu", not "flower old man" strange! The expression on Zheng Xuanming's face changed greatly when he heard this! He is stupefied: "Brother, this … …" How could my brother know? Fang Bizheng in the side of the heart unconsciously moved doubts! Xiao Jianhan such a statement, there must be his reason, is there any loophole in the "flower old man" to let this "not drunk crazy" heir see it? However, how can there be any loopholes in the "flower old man"? He is the elder of the Kunlun faction, ranking second among the three old men, and will not collude with the Black Castle! Before Fang Bizheng changed his mind, Lu Xinfo said, "Brother Xiao, I'm afraid Brother Zheng doesn't know more about Yuhan Beppu than the old man and Brother Fang. You don't have to ask Brother Zheng." "White Donkey Drunken Begging" Lv Xinfo was so upright that he didn't know Xiao Jianhan's intention to speak, so he went to speak for "Hua Sou"! When Xiao Jianhan heard this, he smiled faintly and said, "In that case, there's really no need to bother Zheng Lao any more." After a pause, he turned to Fang Bizheng and said, "Brother Fang, we have to see if there is a secret door in this hall." Fang Bizheng reached out his hand and patted his head. He lost his voice and said, "Yes, this room is full of the smell of blood. Bai Yu Zhenren drove the corpse away like Xiangxi for no reason. If it weren't for another secret room, how could people believe it?" Lu Xinfo turned and strode to the corner of the hall, reaching out to look for the secret door mechanism of the secret room on the surrounding walls! Xiao Jianhan Zhuo stood in place without saying a word! He's meditating! Zheng Xuanming face across a smile, with Lu Xinfo, and Fang Bizheng two people on the other two walls of the non-stop tapping! Perhaps they did not understand the science of civil engineering and architecture, so they knocked for a long time, but nothing came out! Before Xiao Jianhan suddenly walked quickly to the shrine where the statue of the founder of Huashan Mountain was enshrined, he looked at the shrine very carefully! He felt that "Bai Yu Zhen Ren" He Wangqun not only died suspiciously, but also the location of the corpse, which was under the God's case, was even more suspicious! So he focused on this shrine! Fang Bizheng probably when Xiao Jianhan walked to the God case, also thought of this point, dodged to rush, unexpectedly straight to the God case under the bend to look for! At the same time, he said, "Brother Xiao, look at the back of the idol.." Behind the idol, there was a thin wall of wood, and in the middle of the thin wall, there was a small door! As soon as Xiao Jianhan's eyes brightened, he reached out and pulled open the small door, which was only about a foot square. "Here.." he shouted in a deep voice. Almost at the same time as he spoke, Fang Bizheng also shouted under the God's table: "There is really another door here.." When Lv Xinfo and Zheng Xuanming heard the sound, they were surprised that Xiao Jianhan and Fang Bizheng had discovered two different secret doors at the same time! Zheng Xuanming couldn't help saying, "Why are there two darkrooms?" Xmwjw Scan,fake ficus tree, Great God COR, Exclusive Serialization The fourth chapter is full of confusing and strange things. Xiao Jianhan not only heard Fang Bizheng's voice at this time, but also saw everything inside the secret door that he had pulled open.

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