Report: Fraud allegedly used up NBA 2K21 chat and lost at least A$300,000

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Here is a warning: If someone approaches you for money and promises a maximum of 40% NBA 2K21 MT return, please stay away. Especially if the person contacts you via NBA 2K21 voice chat.

The Australian video game website Kotaku reported that it was suspected of fraud in the popular video game series NBA 2K21. According to multiple interviews conducted by Lavender Baj of Kotaku, dozens of gamers in Australia and New Zealand (some of whom are only 17 years old) have been asked to provide voice chat features for games with large sums of money (usually thousands of dollars). .

They promised a 40% to 50% return. The victims tend to be young and are obviously able to send money to scammers. "I lost $6,000 (approximately P210,000). I should have paid $11,000 (approximately P385,000) for this. This is because of the'interest' we deserve," a 21-year-old player told Baj The other victim of the scam was only 17 years old, and he also complained to the Australian Cyber ??Security Centre.

The popular streamer Tyceno first exposed the scam on his social media account and YouTube channel. Tyceno said in a Twitter post on September 20: "More than $200,000 was stolen from young vulnerable victims, and they thought they could'flip' their money."

According to a report from the Australian channel P.TV, Raangee, another game player active in the 2K community, is also suspected of being involved in the game. P.TV obtained a screenshot of the FAQ file received by the victim, and Rangee allegedly said: “First of all, what I want to say is that our actions are not illegal at all.

Kotaku has reached out to Rack and Raangee and 2K Sports, the developer of the popular video game series, to comment. No one responded to the request for publication. The publication also speculated that Rack and Raangee may not actually be behind.

According to the game's terms of service, 2K MT may not be used for illegal, commercial or gambling purposes.

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