Across the second world

"Do you accept the faction mission" Exorcise the Darkness "?" Don't answer if you have a task, bastard! I chose yes.

Not convinced, carrying the same Bss, a dragon is obviously more relaxed than the sky in the mirror, the equipment is almost the same, the level advantage is shown. Although the group's DPS is not as good as the second brother, but because of the degree of a dragon pull strange comparison, kill up also did not feel much time than the last time. Almost half an hour later, Lolos began to transform. I went to the door, fixed Xiaobai, turned to a dragon and said, "OK, Brother Long will look at me next, you watch my baby, don't let it hang up." The transformation was successful, and Lolos roared at me, who was close to him. I kicked off the bullfight at full speed. On the move, I tried to give Lolos a double shot. -387,-521! A set of numbers that I am very satisfied with, whether it is equipment or level, I have greatly improved from the last time I singled out Lolos, which will undoubtedly save a lot of time. With the experience of last time, this time I got into the state very quickly, and it took me less than an hour to kill Bss successfully. When Bss fell down in the dull eyes of the crowd, a group of people gathered around and swept me from head to foot with a grand eye salute to greet the aliens. Perhaps it is the usual habit, Feiyun is ready to open Bss as soon as he reaches out. Don't move! Ye pulled him away. "Don't pollute Bss with your smelly hands!"! There's still one of mine in it! Then he gave me an unusually cautious smile. "Sui Sui, you go to open it." This makes me have to think about the consequences of bad driving. Not bad, God brother very take care of me, this time the harvest and the last almost, a yellow and a guild trial certificate. I looked at the equipment and then fell into a strange excitement. Gladiator's Courage Longbow (Yellow Gear) Attack: 158-197 Power: + 52 Agility: + 41 12% chance to double strike Requires strength 3,push back racking system, requires agility 1 This is perfect for me! It's tailor-made for me. Under the eyes of Sister Ye, who was about to spurt out sparks, I put the bow on with extreme degree. Anyway, the dragon eldest brother promised to play something to the second brother, the second brother is not mine? I don't care, Sui Sui, you owe me a good equipment! You have to make it up for me later, or I'll take the bow in your hand! Ye elder sister never knows how to write words, and hunters grab long-range weapons, it is estimated that she can do it. Sure, sure. My heart says I owe you a lot, and it's not bad this time. When I handed over the guild trial certificate to the dragon, the whole team was boiling! Then I heard countless deep breaths. To be honest, for a person who loves games, the joy of forming a guild in the game is no less than that of buying a suite in reality. It is also a sign of home. I am very happy, radio shuttle racking ,industrial racking systems, because I see Ye giggling with everyone, and smiling sweetly and happily. I believe that no matter how much trouble she has with the team, Ye always regards herself as a part of this big family. After all, this family has given her too many good memories. That's not something that can be erased by one or two small awkwardness. And these are also part of my appreciation of Ye. Out of the copy, Ye whispered to me, "Sui Sui, Ganglong brother asked me to do the guild task with them, it is estimated that these two days can not take you to upgrade." When she spoke, Ye looked like a little woman. I smiled and said, "Go ahead, just for a change of mood, have you vomited with us these days?" Ye grinned, "I promise, after finishing the guild task, I will continue to take you to upgrade, pull the hook!" Said and held out his little finger. I silently nodded and stretched out my hand. The moment I touched my fingertips, I suddenly felt a warm sense of happiness. Although it was short, it was enough to leave a good memory. Watching Ye jump and jump happily away with everyone, I can't help thinking that this may be what I want to see. After killing Bss, my level has risen to 23, but what should I do now? I'm worried. I don't want to go to the single brush, but I only have the task of the general's head on hand, and I can't kill it myself, and the second brother has no time to help now. After thinking about it, I decided to go to the Sunshine Temple and chat with the beautiful sacrifice. Came to the temple, Xiaomei ~ female still alone, lonely men and women, I came at the right time. Boy, I'm glad to see you've saved another suffering soul. The high priest smiled gently at me. Kid? I am ashamed, the strange idea in my heart was immediately dispelled by the holy glory of others. I really want to ask her, aunt, how old are you. Just when I was depressed, she spoke again. "The figure of the devil has come to this world again. The believers of darkness are trying to subvert the light. The battle for freedom and survival is imminent.". Whatever. Are you ready? Embark on a journey for the light. System prompt: "Do you accept the faction mission" Exorcise the Darkness "?" Don't answer if you have a task, bastard! I chose yes. Go, go to the Bloody Wasteland, which has been poisoned by darkness, the defenders of the light are struggling to support, Russell has long been looking forward to the arrival of reinforcements. Exorcise the Darkness (Normal Task) Mission Tip: The High Priest wants you to join the Order against the Darkness. She sends you to the Bloody Wasteland to support the Temple defenders. Conditions for completion: Go to the Holy Light Castle, the temple residence in the Bloody Wasteland. Find the garrison commander there, Russell. Task Reward: Experience 1. After reading the mission, I said to the High Priest, "High Priest, I am willing to serve you, but please tell me how I can get to the Bloodbath." You are wrong. Not for me, but for the light. The High Priest smiled and said, "All you have to do is go north from the city of Wanli,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, through the secret language corridor, to the Daylight Plain, where you can find the temple logistics camp.". The soldiers will take you through the gates of space. He handed me a glittering and translucent jade pendant. "Take it and go to find Russel. You will be trusted by everyone." Chapter 84 Canyon Rescue The eighty-fourth chapter of the main text is Canyon Rescue.

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