Some methods for players to repair items in New World

Some methods for players to repair items in New World

Compared with other similar games such as World of Warcraft, although there are many elements in Amazon's fantasy MMO New World that can be compared with them, the way players repair items in New World is unique. Players can visit to learn more.

Just like in any other MMO, whenever you use an item, its durability decreases. After using the weapon for a long time, the player must repair it. In other MMOs, players may need to interact with specific NPCs to repair items. In New World, players can repair their items without returning to the town. This means that players can repair their equipment anywhere.

If the player wants to repair a piece of equipment, then the player needs to go to his inventory, hover the mouse over the item and press R + mouse one button. Doing so will restore the part to 100% durability.

The player may find that the repair interaction does not work for the player at some point. If this is the case, the player does not have the correct amount of gold or repair parts. Because when the player repairs a piece of equipment, the player must pay a certain amount of Coins and a New World specific resource called repair parts.

New World Coins

Repair parts are a kind of currency specifically used to repair players' equipment. They can be obtained by recycling equipment that players don't need. Although some equipment may be available and other equipment may be suitable for sale to other players, the large number of unusable equipment that players find in the world is something the player wants to save.

In doing so, players will get repair parts and other materials that can be used for crafting. It is important to ensure that at least some equipment that the player does not intend to use is saved, so that the player can repair their equipment in a critical juncture.

To rescue a piece of equipment, the player can go to the player's suitcase, hover the mouse over the icon of the equipment that the player wants to rescue, and then press S + the mouse button. This will help players obtain the currency needed to repair the equipment they wear and quickly rejoin the battle. If players want to know the latest news of New World, they can visit NewWorldCoins.