What if my wife always wants to abandon me?

What the hell is wrong with her? Why can't she control her emotions? She told her that everything she did after her

What the hell is wrong with her? Why can't she control her emotions? She told her that everything she did after her rebirth was just to live a comfortable life, but now? She felt that she was on the verge of losing control, as if she would push herself into the abyss if she was not careful. Warm winter is the first time to see Miss such a big temper, she did not feel uncomfortable, the only uncomfortable thing is to see Miss tortured by these things and she can not help a little. I thought about the things in the shop, Li Yi also started, although now is only an apprentice, at most half a year should be effective. "Well, it's better to get your marriage done earlier. It's not the way for you to revolve around me all day." Warm winter could not help but red eyes, raised his sleeve to cover his mouth and began to shed tears, sobbing to ask: "Miss, do you hate warm winter?"? Is that why you want to leave in the warm winter? What's wrong with you, maidservant? You seem to be a different person these days. Didn't you say that it was the same as finding a quiet place to live a good life after the divorce? Why do you have a hard time with yourself now? The huge stone in Du Ruo's heart suddenly broke. She breathed heavily and said decadently, "I just suddenly don't know if I have a chance to walk out of Zhu's house.". Zhu Tingyun let people stare at me, only when I was at Zhu's house, I could catch my breath. I think the cage will disappear only if he falls down completely. Warm winter sighed: "Miss how to forget, you and he is husband and wife, if he fell, how do you live?"? And the Du family, even if not implicated, but how to deal with the court to get cheap? Miss, you have been robbed of your reason by your obsession. If you go on like this, something big will happen sooner or later. Warm winter words severely will fall into the fog of Du Ruo to wake up, yes, such a simple truth, how can she suddenly left behind? She looked down at her hands and murmured, "Even so, there's no turning back. Everything has been done." Nuan Dong walked to the young lady's side and said with a light laugh, "Don't blame Nuan Dong for making decisions. I noticed something was wrong that day. I went to find the young master first. Mrs. Ling Ya didn't send a message to her. I think the young master has already handled it properly.". "Don't be afraid, Miss. Why don't you go to Du Fu tomorrow to find out what's going on?" Du Ruo the whole person at this time has not much strength, the original her hands are still clean, the younger brother in the end what to do. In her opinion, if she repented, Ling Ya would certainly bite back at herself. Previously, it could be seen that Ling Ya was still in love with Zhu Tingyun, and even had some resentment towards herself. Had it not been for the child in Du Ruo's hands, Ling Ya would have been more willing to let herself disappear. Du Ruo laughed in a low voice. She thought she was smart, but she didn't want to almost do something stupid. It was a great irony. You ask the servant to prepare the car, and I'll go to Du Fu now. Warm winter looked at the sky outside, sighed and went to work. Since that day, the two elders of the Du family did not ask how the young lady was. The two elders who loved the young lady so much in the past seemed to have no young lady in their eyes any more. The coldness made people panic. Come to think of it, the young lady's mood is not right recently, and this can not get rid of the relationship, the son-in-law is really a good skill, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, so easy to make the young lady inside and outside is not a person. The setting sun was slanting in the west, and people who had been busy outside all day were busy going home. Du Ruo lifted the curtain and looked outside. His lips were pursed into a line, like a cloud floating in the sea. He did not know where his roots were. He was staggering and in a trance. When she arrived at Du's house, the warm winter pushed her, and then she came to her senses. She got out of the carriage, went to the courtyard, saw Mammy beside her mother, saw her salute far away, and then sighed and walked away. Everyone thought that she had finally got everything she wanted. Why couldn't she live a stable life? She had to make a lot of trouble, from being reasonable to being unreasonable. Go to the street to turn around, outsiders are mostly taking Du Ruo as a joke, one after another do not understand how there can be such a stupid woman in the world. Some people even said, why don't the prime minister give people a rest? There are more beautiful women in the world than Du Ruo. The servants in the mansion avoided her, and Du Ruo gave up the idea of paying his respects to his parents and went straight to his brother's yard. Du Ruo asked in a hoarse voice, "Ah Heng, what did you do?" Du Heng was bending over his desk to write something. He heard footsteps and pulled the book upside down. Obviously, he didn't expect Du Ruo to come back at this time. Seeing that her eyes were slightly red, he already knew what he had suffered in the house. He sighed and stood up and walked to her side: "Mom and Dad will understand your difficulties sooner or later. Sister, don't blame them." Du Ruo shook his head and said with a smile, "How could I blame them?"? I do not have the heart to let them know these things, they are old, why listen to these sad and nerve-racking? Just in the heart or some grievance, clearly the most bitter person is me, in the end all become my fault. Looking forward to Zhu Tingyun leaving before, it's good to be out of sight and out of mind, but now I hope he's here, I can make trouble with him, and one day he can't stand it, maybe he's willing to divorce me. Du Heng sat down beside his elder sister and said solemnly, "I have everything. You can't act so foolishly in the future.". The court has the rules of the court, not the common people such as me can intervene in the place, a little carelessness will have the risk of breaking bones and raising ashes. Promise me that you will live a good life after you go back. If others bully you, you will go back. Other than that, you are not allowed. If you don't trust others, don't you trust your own brother? Du Ruo grabbed his brother's arm and nodded after a long time: "I listen to you, but Ah Heng, you have to be careful, I don't want you to be implicated because of my affairs." Du Heng smiled and asked, "Can you go back today?"? Haven't you eaten yet? I'll have someone prepare it. "No, I'd better go back, and you should accompany your parents quickly.". I just want to know what you did to keep it down, but since you don't want to say, I won't ask. Du Heng looked at his sister coming and going like a gust of wind, but also understood that she was really lost at the moment. The elder sister is a wise person, she is just kind to the people around her, so others think she is a fool. If she had been sober, she would not have been able to do such a foolish thing. Think of his parents,Precision steel tubes, he did not know what to do, perhaps only let them know the most cruel truth, they will know how difficult the elder sister. He believes it won't be long. cbiesautomotive.com