Thorn the world

After entering the game, the scene in front of me was dark, and my body was extremely weak, my left shoulder

After entering the game, the scene in front of me was dark, and my body was extremely weak, my left shoulder could not even move, only a slight movement, there was a sharp pain! I can not help laughing, this reality of two months, half a year in the game, because I did not log in the game, my physical condition was the same as when I left. The left shoulder could not move because the shoulder bone had been broken, and the initiator was also the lower class. Man! I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the environment I was in at this time. It seemed to be a cave, and the light was extremely dim, except for a fist-sized hole in the top that leaked a ray of sunlight to maintain the necessary sight in the cave. Also because of this hole, the air in this hole is very fresh. Where is this place? I frowned slightly and searched around the cave, hoping to find a clue. This is the Qinglong Cave in Qinglong Mountain. Suddenly there was a little voice in my mind. Tiny? First I was stunned, then I laughed and said, "Is that you, little one?"? I thought I hadn't been in the game for so long, and you had already left. "Mmm." The little one answered softly, but there seemed to be a grievance in the voice, as well as an endless depression. "What happened, little one?" I asked. "Who saved me that day?"? I think since you have been around me, you should know what happened that day, right? The little one is still like a big head baby. He sits on my chest, sighing constantly,Nail machine supplier, but with a sad face. "What's the matter with you, little one?" I laughed. "Oh, it's a long story," sighed the little one. Come on, let me tell you how you got out of trouble that day. In fact, it's very simple to say, in a word, it's Qinglong who saved you. As soon as I was stunned, I asked, "Qinglong,Nail machine supplier, which Qinglong?" The little one rolled his eyes and said, "Which other blue dragon could it be? Of course it's your blue dragon!" "Is that my Green Dragon Dagger?" I asked. The little one nodded and said, "Yes, if it weren't for it, not only would you be finished, but I would also be finished with you." I took a gentle breath, collected my thoughts, and whispered, "Little one, please make it clear. I remember that when the Qinglong appeared in the world, he did not stay, but left the Qinglong dagger and went directly.." How could it come back to save me after going where you should go? The little one explained, "The real blue dragon is indeed gone, but this blue dragon dagger has a wisp of dragon soul left by it. Therefore, although this dagger does not have complete self-awareness, it can barely be called half a blue dragon guardian." I nodded and said, "I think I basically understand what you mean. This blue dragon dagger saved me at my most critical moment because of this wisp of dragon soul. But what I don't understand is how it saved me."? After all, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it is only a dagger! Also, is it only when I'm in the most danger that it starts.. Start this dragon soul? The little one replied, "You know, the entity of the blue dragon is a light dragon, and this dagger can't turn into a complete entity because of that wisp of dragon soul, but it can turn into a wind dragon at a certain moment because of the master's need. This wind dragon is tangible but not qualitative, and its only function is to help people out of trouble!" With a wry smile, I said, "I can't believe I'm such a loser. According to you, I won't be able to die again in this game." The little one snorted, "What you think is beautiful. To tell you the truth, after this time, there is very little dragon soul left in the Green Dragon Dagger. I think I can save you at most once.". ” I smiled and was noncommittal about the little one's statement. Last time, I didn't want to go. If I wanted to go, who could stop me? Just did not expect, but finally because of this blue dragon dagger in the end or save a life, but this after the day, as long as I do not want to die, the remaining dragon soul is also useless! I used my right hand, which was still moving, to take out the wound medicine in my belt and motioned to the little one to help me apply it. Watching the little one busy all over my body, I suddenly remembered his depressed tone and asked, "Right, little one, you don't seem to be in a good mood just now?" The little one sighed lightly and said, "Do you know why Qinglong left the soul of the dragon?" I hesitated for a moment and then asked, "Is it for the mission?" The little one said gloomily, "Yes, it is for this task. Although Qinglong has left the world, it is not a complete mythical beast. Only by completing the task of the whole mythical beast legend can it become a real mythical beast.". And I am in the same situation, but this task is unique, so you are the only person in this task, if you hang up, we all have to follow the end! The little one said this, paused, and then said: "And you, the only task person, did not hang up.". Can walk is half a year, alas. Can wait for me bitter, can I not be depressed? I laughed and said, "Well, I'm sorry!"! I promise you that since I have come back this time, I will finish this task! "It's too late," said the little one with a wry smile. "The white crane appeared two months ago." As soon as I was stunned, I asked, "Is the white crane already in the world?" The little one said, "Well, although I'm guarding you here and dare not go out, we are both mythical beasts. Half a month before the white crane appeared in the world, there was already a sign in my heart." Looking at the little one's depressed expression, my heart was filled with a rare sense of guilt. Qinglong saves me, Kirin protects me, although I also know that this is the setting of the system, not because who is the task person and change, but the heart is still inevitably uneasy! I frowned and said, "Well.." Is that the end of the mission? The little one shook his head and said,Nail machine manufacturer, "That's not true. As long as you don't hang up, the task is not over." I laughed and said, "That's all right. I thought the task was over when I saw your sad face." 。

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