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There are countless ordinary people, literati and Taoists who come to visit the peach tree of Chu Song every day.

There are countless ordinary people, literati and Taoists who come to visit the peach tree of Chu Song every day. People either pray for incense and pray for Buddha's blessing before the death of Chu Song, or write their wishes in sachets and hang them on the tree of Chu Song. Of course, there are also monks and Taoists who want to learn from the heavenly teacher to sit under her peach tree for a night and try to understand something. Chu song's tree side from day to night has not been broken, she does not say the transformation line adult, is moves all some difficulties. And in just a few days, her branches were covered with all kinds of red sachets and purses. It's so heavy that she can't breathe. There were also some red ribbons with wishes written on them, which wrapped around her branches, as if she had been strangled. There was an endless stream of people in front of the tree all day long, and Chu Ge had no time to catch his breath and rest. What can I do? You can't always be a sacred tree here. Gong Jiu also did not expect to become like this, he is still waiting for this peach tree to refine into a person to see what she looks like. And he originally wanted to go to the Tianshan Mountains, first to destroy the Tianshan Red Leaf Lotus needed by the female peony spirit, but now because of this peach blossom demon, he had to postpone his journey. Chu song is anxious, in fact, Gong Jiu is more anxious than Chu song, after all, can not see the true face of this peach blossom demon, Gong Jiu is worried about whether he will be a stupid and ugly girl to take a fancy to. He was determined to find a woman who was more beautiful than the woman. If he found an ugly and stupid woman,Coil nail machine, he would just commit suicide. This thought makes Gong Jiu very depressed. The emperor spent three days in the pagoda temple eating fast and praying to the Buddha. These three days were accompanied by Gong Jiu. It was probably because of the appearance of the peach blossom tree that the emperor made Gong Jiu the heavenly teacher. Three days later, after the emperor returned to the palace, more and more ordinary people came to the pagoda temple. Fences had been set up around Chu Song, but even so, the grass around him was almost flattened into a bare place. Only Chu Song, a peach tree in full bloom, seemed unexpected and abrupt. Suddenly,wire nail making machine, not many days later, Chu song is going to be bald. Those individuals all think that she is a "holy tree", so many people secretly touch her tree body to get some air, and more people directly break her peach blossom branches, because now it is said that no matter what difficult and complicated diseases, eating her peach blossom is good. The song of Chu is ringing This day can not live, her bark is almost touched by these guys, not to mention, her flowers are really not many. These flowers allow her to absorb the sun and the moon, and if they are all taken away by these guys, she may be a broken limb even if she can be transformed in the future. After the pagoda temple has been busy for more than ten days, there are not so many people coming every day. But there are not many people left, and the rest of the people who come to pay their respects to Chu Song every day are looking for opportunities to fold the peach blossom branches of Chu Song and take them away. Lord Tianshi, please help me. Chu Ge, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, who was gnashing his teeth, felt that if the teacher did not make a move, she would run away regardless of the situation. Gong Jiu certainly doesn't want a bald girl to chase him. So on a dark and windy night, Gong Jiu stood under the peach tree and said to the peach tree in front of him, "Change into something smaller. This heavenly teacher will take you out.". He was afraid that the song of Chu was turning into a bucket, so he immediately added, "Something that can be hidden in the sleeve of this heavenly teacher." Chu song's prototype is the peach tree, she can only change with wood, but also the kind of rough things, too delicate he will not come, so, after a short silence, Chu song turned into a small wooden teacup. Say small, in fact, not at all, more like a pen holder. Gong Jiu took the small teacup that Chu Song had turned into in his hand in time, and he felt that the goblin had not given up the purpose of stealing his boy's urine, so it turned into such a small cup. Another day to find a time to reverse the purpose of the leprechaun, Gong Jiu can not want to release their own water, there is a side of the goblin covetously want to cut at any time. The teacup was not easy to hold, mainly because there was no place to put it. Gong Jiu thought about it and simply carried a basket on his back. He was such an elegant heavenly teacher. Wherever he went, he was empty-handed and his clothes were flying. He had never carried such superfluous objects on his back. It was really too harmful to his image. But if he carries a cup down the hill, it will damage his image even more. The small teacup was thrown into the basket by Gong Jiu, thinking of the future with this teacup all the way, Gong Jiu had to pay attention to his image everywhere, he was determined to create his own male image, so that the female partner saw him and rushed up. After leaving the pagoda temple, Chu Ge whispered, "Tianshi, where are you taking me?" "I want to go to the Tianshan Mountains, where I pray for Your Majesty and the common people. If you go with me, you can also hone your mind." Although his words seem to be for the sake of Chu song, but Chu song always has a kind of strange illusion, she does not believe that a heavenly teacher will have such a good heart. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 288 heavenly teacher, ask for a boy's urine. The nature of this heavenly teacher was good. He sat on this group of cattail for a whole night. He muttered something in his mouth, as if he were really praying for blessings. Chu song did not continue to disturb him, she tried to practice, but now she is a bit strange shape, not human form, even practice can not. He simply dozed off to absorb the light of the moon and waited for himself to become a man before practicing. At sunrise the next day, Chu Song successfully turned back into her original peach tree. She was about to turn into a human being when she found many monks coming not far away, so she had to keep her peach tree shape. From a distance, the monks saw a peach tree appear beside the Heavenly Master kneeling down. They looked at each other in disbelief at the incomparably gorgeous peach tree in full bloom. They murmured in surprise: "Yesterday there was no peach tree,nail manufacturing machine, but there was a peach tree in full bloom beside the Heavenly Master out of thin air. It must be a vision that God felt the sincerity of the heavenly Master." The young monks immediately shouted excitedly, "There is a vision in heaven. My Buddha is merciful, and the heavenly teacher is merciful!" 。 3shardware.com