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The words fell, only to see her hand, her left hand jade wrist, was locked by the silver chain. "I will find the

The words fell, only to see her hand, her left hand jade wrist, was locked by the silver chain. "I will find the Supreme One," said Xia Jiang. "We'll talk about this later. Son, how can you come in? You've been the only one in here for nineteen years!" "Mother, I was lucky." Hong Baihe said sadly, "Your father knows everything. If you can avenge him, you should smile."! One by one At this point, her eyes filled with tears and she said with a smile, "Who have you been living with these years? Who have you been a teacher?" Xia Jiang told the story of "Yueyang" being brought to Kaifeng by his servant Yusen. When Hong Baihe heard this, he said gratefully, "Yusen is too honest. Alas, Niang doesn't know how to be grateful to him." "Niang, Uncle You died four years ago, so I left Shuitian Village and worshipped the Star School.." He told her everything about Jianghu. After hearing this, Hong Baihe was both surprised and delighted, and said, "The ghost in the ghost has passed on to you the ghost axe of his life," the unique skill of learning. " "Yes!" "But your father's enemy is very good at martial arts," said Hong Baihe. "I'm afraid you can't get revenge with your skill now. Do you know that your mother has a treasure picture '?"? " "I know." Hong Baihe said, "Although the twelve disciples of the six sects are protecting me on the surface, they all want to steal my'treasure map 'in secret." She paused for a moment and then said, "Now,empty lotion tubes, I want to give it to you. You must find that wonderful book, practice martial arts, and avenge your father!" Without waiting for Xia Jiang to answer, he stood up, walked slowly to the third step of the stone steps, bent over and touched it for a while, and then walked back. Xia Jiang looked up, but saw that there was a small paper bag in her hand. Hong Baihe took the paper bag to Xia Jiang and said, "The bread here is a'treasure map '. When you appear in Jianghu again,pump tube, you must keep it properly. Therefore, once it is known, not to mention the people of the six sects, it is bound to be robbed. Even the people in Wulin all over the world are bound to want to take it for themselves." Xia Jiang receives the thing in the hand, in the heart not by excited, for this thing, the father gives up a life! "Mother," he said sadly, "as soon as I get out of the castle, I'll find that wonderful book and practice martial arts to avenge my father." Hong Baihe smiled and said, "Well, you can go." "No, mother, I want to talk to you a little longer." "Go ahead, silly boy. You don't have to worry about your mother. It's important to seek revenge from your father's enemies as soon as possible. If you want to get that book, you may have to go through some risks." "Why?" "The twelve who guard me, custom cosmetic packaging ,empty cosmetic tubes, knowing that you are my son, of course think that I will give you the Treasure Map. It is not difficult for them to tell them to send in and rob it. So you must go quickly now!" When Xia Jiang heard this, he was frightened and said, "Mother, then I should go." "Yes, you should go!" Xia Jiang wanted to cry and said in a quiet voice, "Niang, I will come again. I will come again to save you.." Before the words were out, he moved up the stone steps. Looking at the back of Aiko slowly leaving, Hong Baihe's loving mother's tears fell from her eyes. Xia Jiang said silently, "Mother, I will come again. I will rescue you from this castle." He left his mother with tears in his eyes. When Xia Jiangfu came out of the basement, he heard the sound of shouting, which broke through the air. Xia Jiang was startled and rushed to the place where the sound was made. I saw the "Jade Swallow" waving a sword, under the window, against the people of the six sects who wanted to break in. Look at the situation, his forehead sweat like beans, must have been fighting for a long time. The gate of the castle had been closed by Xia Jiang, and the ten men had to find a way to come in through the window. Seeing this, Xia Jiang gave a loud shout and split out the ten men who were about to break in with their palms out of the window. Yu Feiyan had already opened the gate and said in a low voice, "Brother Xia, go quickly." Like a light smoke, he bounced out of the castle. Xia Jiang is also in the "Jade Swallow" bullet ran out of the castle, followed closely behind him, flew away. The people of the six sects could not estimate that there was such a move. Once they found out, the "Jade Swallow" and Xia Jiang had gone far away. The two men looked around and ran out for several miles. When they looked back, they saw the people of the six sects, but they did not come after them, so they slowed down their pace. At that moment, Xia Jiang looked at the "Jade Swallow", but saw that the sweat on his forehead was not dry. Xia Jiang knew that without the help of the "Jade Swallow", it would be extremely difficult for him to meet his mother. Thinking of this, Xia Jiang bowed to Yu Feiyan and said, "I'm grateful to you for your help. If it weren't for you, I'd like to meet my mother. It would be an extremely difficult thing. Thank you in advance." "Yu Feiyan" laughed and said, "Brother Xia, why are you so polite? It's just a matter of thanks. Forget it. Don't forget what you want to thank me for.." "How could a brother forget?" "You have seen your mother!" "Yes, I have seen her!" "Did you get the treasure map?" "I got it!" "Yu Feiyan" said, "Now that we have got the'Treasure Map ', we must find that wonderful book tomorrow. Otherwise, there will be a long night and many dreams. If we let the Jianghu people of the six schools know about it, it is inevitable that something unexpected will not happen." "I feel the same way, brother!" "Yu Feiyan" smiled and said, "Well, now you should keep your promise and treat me to a meal." A strange thought suddenly came to Xia Jiang's mind. He glanced at Yu Feiyan and said, "Brother Shen, I have something to ask you. I don't know if you will agree." "What is it?" "I want to marry you as Jinlan." The Jade Swallow was stunned and said, "Let's become brothers." "Exactly." "This.." When Xia Jiang saw that there was no doubt on his face, he said, "Brother Shen ignored it.". The younger brother is also inconvenient to force. "Jade swallow" hurriedly answered, "No, that's what I mean. It's just that I'm afraid I can't climb up." "What is it? Am I not qualified to become a friend of my brother?" "In that case," said Yu Feiyan,cosmetic tube, "we don't have to be polite any more." Then the two men knelt down and swore. Then they both stood up. Xia Jiangxi asked, "How old is Brother Shen?" "Nineteen, what about you?" "Twenty." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com