Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition is now available

Today is July 23, which means that Path of Exile's 3.15 expansion piece Expedition was released today on PC.

Today is July 23, which means that Path of Exile's 3.15 expansion piece Expedition was released today on PC. Earlier this month, Expedition was officially announced in the live broadcast on July 15. During the live broadcast, the Grinding Gear Games team provided information about the new content added by the new extension and some aspects of upcoming improvements.

The Path of Exile Expedition is launched today, which means it’s time to meet with the Kalguur people who are looking for artifacts. The update adds new POE Currency, new challenge alliances, many new skill gems, and opportunities to blow things up. To help Kalguur find the cultural relics lost by their settler ancestors, you will build a site with strings of explosives. You must detonate these explosives strategically in order to find precious antiquities from the expedition site. The bad news is that the fallen Kalguur warriors still hold these artifacts, and once you disrupt their resting place, they will be resurrected as undead soldiers.

If you are careful about how to set the cost of demolition, these expeditions can generate treasure chests, which have the opportunity to store ancient rune artifacts, and then you can barter them with the new merchant character of Path of Exile. The four of them have different personalities, so you need to fully understand each of them. You will be rewarded after the transaction. Of course, Buy POE Currency is also a way to get a lot of gold coins.

In addition, 19 new support and skill gems have been added. You can learn about the practical application of some of these skills by looking at the previous patch notes. In fact, no matter how much it is said, it is better to experience it yourself. With so much information revealed before, I believe that everyone has a certain degree of understanding of the new challenge league. But the most important thing is to personally experience the uniqueness of Path Of Exile: Expedition, and prepare POE Currency to join the battle together!

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