As the top all-around prospect in this year's draft class

As the top all-around prospect in this year's draft class

As the top all-around prospect in this year's draft class, Atlanta included Pitts to Matt Ryan's aerial arsenal, joining fellow first-round picks Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Pitts was drafted as a tight-endplayer, however his 6-foot-6 frame and Mut 22 coins impressive speed make him unbeatable against other tight end in Madden 22.

Pitts fitness numbers, size, and his field-stretching abilities (nearly 18 yards per catch in his junior year) stand out more than another huge pass-catcher selected among the top five players, Calvin Johnson. While Pitts being drafted in Johnson's start in Madden 2008 total of 87 (or Megatron's dancing skills) is highly unlikely, Pitts' footspeed, strong power (Mockdraftable lists him at 67th percentile on the bench press) and likely phenomenal catch percentage, due to his wingspan of 84 inches and impressive jump numbers, could result in Pitts one of the game's top tight ends from the outset.

First overall selection of the draft this year, Lawrence enters the NFL with more fanfare than any quarterback in recent history. Lawrence is identified from high school as the best quarterback candidate since the days of Andrew Luck He is expected to take over to lead an impressive Jaguars offense to the playoffs. With Lawrence almost certain to be the best pick in the draft, Lawrence did not take part in Clemson's workouts on its professional day, however a look into the college stats of Lawrence sheds an insight into how he might be able to perform in Madden 22.

With an average of more than ten air yards per attempt in 2020 and throwing 70-yard passes on his professional day, according to For The Win, Lawrence should begin the season with an above-average arm strength. Lawrence, a three-year Clemson player, should possess a very high awareness. This is an important element for Madden quarterbacks. An obvious Madden analogy would be that of the mentioned Luck however, the series has reduced the maximum ratings for rookies since Luck was drafted into the league's Madden 13 at average of 83. The first pick of the year, Cincinnati's Joe Burrow, came in at 76, but with mmoexp madden 22 coins greater college experience, a more powerful arm, and a unique reputation, Lawrence should slot in slightly more than his top pick counterpart, and be a quarterback to build around in this year's Madden.

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