What is a custom electric bike?

What is a custom electric bike?What is a custom electric bike?

What is a custom electric bike?

Well, 'choices' that are limited to white or black, this imported brand or that imported brand 'based in the USA' with 'designed in the USA' ebikes.To get more news about fatest ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

But that's about it. What about real choice? What if you want color, styling options, a different seat style, cool pedals and mirrors, or fundamentals like tire-liners and adjustable handlebar stems?

A custom electric bike is one where you select from many options of frame color, rack and fender colors, comfort and style options like seats, pedals, handlebars and mirrors.To get more news about 52V Ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Most ebikes are built in overseas factories. The importing brand can only stock so many bikes, so they limit your choices to one or two colors per style. You get stuck with black or white in most cases, and no other options other than adding ebike accessories, or battery pack upgrades at best.To get more news about himiway ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Why get stuck with a 'cookie cutter' electric bike? Today, you can get custom shoes, and there are millions of custom motorcycles on the road, so why not a custom electric bike?The majority of ebike companies import pre-made factory assembled e-bikes, so they can't offer very many options, if any, to your ebike.

Sure, you will pick from a few frame styles, but then you are stuck with the choices made by product managers, whose job is to sell as many bikes as possible. You get an average of all of their options in selecting your bike's design features. Who wants an average ebjke?

Customization is when you manually design your ebike to meet your needs, preferences and requirements.

Getting a new custom electric bike is really only possible when its an American made ebike. Fortunately, there are a few electric bike companies that built custom ebikes.

FattE Bikes is a custom fat tire electric bike company. We build your custom electric bike in Denver, CO, so you get the best fat tire electric bike for you.Once you design your custom electric bike, we start by power-coating your frame, rack and fenders to the color choices you selected. Powder-coat paint is much more durable than the urethane finishes imported ebikes have, and won't peel.

When your frame, fenders and racks and done with painting, our Master Bike Mechanics hand-built your ebike, according to the customized options you selected. Once your bike is built, they test your bike and tune it.

The result? You get a fully assembled bike right 'out of the box' (if shipping), and it's already tuned by an expert bike mechanic.

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