They Could Quickly Look At A Post

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Everyone had different opinions on what that was, especially the community. I remember for a while the mods had a hands-off strategy to any sort of low-effort posts and have been bombarded with requests to"cope with all the spam". While that's a great point, the principle has been enforced. Failing to come up with consistant advice is not preventing that from occurring. All it is doing is making it tougher for OSRS gold players to understand how to adhere to the rules.

When someone has their post removed and does not really comprehend whythey believe they have been singled out because similar articles are left alone, they are not as likely to invest time into premium quality posts in the future. This actually works directly against the goal!Mods usually want guidance as much as users do. It really makes their job easier because they can easily look at a post and instantly ascertain if it warrants action, and a user may understand what justified action. That brings up a really good point of conversation.

Where do you guys think the line ought to be drawn for memes?Allow all memes?Remove all of memes?Remove low-effort memes. . . and should you opt for this alternative what is an objective means to ascertain if a meme is low-effort? Personally I would vote for option 3 at which low-effort memes are defined as anything free of runescape imagery and less than 2 runescape-related sentences. With these guidelines this"Let me in!!!" Meme would be regarded as work. But the two posts which were removed by mods lately would be allowed.

If this were a rule you could wind up using formats that are meme using a bit of additional effort. This scroll of fact meme about ruby bolts could be allowed whereas this scroll of fact meme will be considered non effort, and not allowed. But there has never been consistent advice from anybody, such as the mods themselves. In this buy rs 3 gold case, I'd definitely scrap the rule entirely but this doesn't work because people still want some form of moderation in this region. But just how much? This is where things get murky.

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