NBA 2K21: 4 players outperformed people who shouldn't be Josh Hart

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Josh Hart of the New Orleans Pelicans got very little love in NBA 2k21. The New Orleans Pelicans have three players among the top 100 in NBA 2K21, but Josh Hart is not one of them. When players build their own team in my team mode, they should use NBA 2K21 MT to get better players.

Zion Williamson played a total of 24 games in his career, ranked 29th, with an overall score of 86 points, and his teammate Brandon Ingram ranked 30th Bit, also received an overall score of 86 points. Although B.I. may think that these should be reversed, because he averaged points, assists, was selected to the All-Star team, and is the most improved player in the league. Jrue Holiday finished 56th with 83 points and has a solid argument that he can and should be higher on the list. But the biggest upset is Josh Hart, not only did not make the top 100, but his rating is much lower than at least four doubtful guys on the list.

This time Hart only scored 75 points, which was not bad, but quite average. Josh Hart is not an All-Star, but when you see the other players on the roster, it's hard to see how Hart left. In just one season, Eric Paschall scored 79 points, and he ranked first among the worst teams in the NBA. Pashal was the 41st overall pick in the draft, and as a power forward, even if he played the same time, he had fewer rebounds per game than Josh Hart.

Mavericks Wendell Carter is a good player. He averaged 11.3 points and 9.4 rebounds in 29 minutes, but he is really better than Josh Hart. ? Carter Jr. was rated 80 points, five points higher than Hart, which seems absurd. The same is true for Christian Wood, who provided a lot of money for a bad Pistons team that didn't play a meaningful game this season. Wood averaged fewer rebounds than Hart, scored zero defensively, and somehow eventually scored 80 points after a one-season suspension.

I have to say the same for another power forward, Lauri Markkanen, who cannot rebound or defend. Sorry, he can't be better than Josh Hart by 5 points. Josh Hart is expected to be on the verge of a breakthrough season, which will allow him to surpass all these guys, but for now, he must adapt to being a 75-level machete and be left out. Buy 2K MT to get more advanced players.