Top 10 Google Chrome Settings You Should Change

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser because it has 65% of the market share. The default settings of Google Chrome are set to provide a great experience to the users.

Most Google Chrome users rely on the default settings of Google Chrome. It means that they don't know the benefits of customizing the settings of Google Chrome to their expectations. If you want to make your experience even better, you should use these settings and features. Here, we will discuss the top 10 Google Chrome settings that you should change.

  • Create a shortcut for the most visited websites

If you are visiting a website often on your web browser, you will not like to type its name. Under such a situation, this feature will be helpful to you. You can create a shortcut for the most visited website by enabling this feature. You should go to the Google Chrome search engine section and select the 'Add' button. In the search engine field, write the name and URL of the website. After saving it, you will see that this website will open when you open Google Chrome.

  • Turn off annoying notifications

In the past, the websites consisted of static pages only, and you would never see notifications. Nowadays, when you open a website, you will get many notifications about getting access to the webcam, microphone and location. These notifications are annoying for the users. By using the smart and hidden features of Google Chrome, you can turn off these notifications. You should click on the 'Advanced' button in the settings menu t. After that, click on the 'Site Settings. Here, you can turn off all the annoying notifications on your web browser.

  • Disable background apps

In Google Chrome, some apps will run in the background. These apps will be running in the background even if you close the app. To close these apps, you should go to the settings page. On the settings page, click on the 'Advanced'. In the advanced settings, deselect the option "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed".

  • Stop certain sites from tracking you

Like other web browsers, Google Chrome allows the websites to store cookies on your system. These small log files can track your online activities. After tracking your online activities, they can use these cookies for various purposes. By using this feature of Google Chrome, you can stop these websites from tracking you. For this, click on 'Advanced' in the settings. After clicking on the site settings, you can block cookies on your web browser.

  • Allow extensions in incognito mode

We are using the incognito mode of Google Chrome for private browsing. By default, Google Chrome does not allow users to use extensions in incognito mode. To allow the extensions in incognito mode, you should go to the Chrome Extensions page. Here, you should click on the Details button. You should click on the details button of these extensions only that you want to use in incognito mode. After clicking on the Details button of the extension, you can easily allow the extensions in incognito mode. After enabling an extension in the incognito mode, you can use it even in the incognito mode.

  • Block Pop-ups

While visiting certain websites, you will notice many pop-ups appearing on your screen. These pop-ups will not provide the best user experience on this website. To block these pop-ups from appearing on your device's screen, you can also use a feature of Google Chrome. You should click on the settings. After that, you should click on the content. In the content, you should click on the pop-ups. When you disable the toggle, Google Chrome will never show pop-ups on your device's screen.

  • Automatic password generation

If you want to access some specific websites, you will have to create accounts on these websites. While creating accounts on these websites, you will have to fill out the login details. It means that you will have to create a username and password. Creating unique passwords is also difficult for you. For this reason, you can use the automatic password generation tool of Google Chrome. Find the Chrome Flags page to enable this tool. After enabling this feature, it will automatically detect and generate the passwords for the accounts.

  • Send a page to your device

This neat feature of Google Chrome allows the users to send pages from smartphones to PC and vice versa. Google Chrome is allowing you to send these pages just with the help of a single click. For this reason, you need to right-click on the page. When you right-click on the page, you will find the option 'Send to your device'. You can easily enable this feature of Google Chrome just by opening the same Google account on all the devices.

  • Assign keyboard shortcuts for extensions

The most important reason for the popularity of Google Chrome is that it provides the best user experience. To provide the best user experience, it offers lots of extensions. By installing these extensions, users can extend the features of Google Chrome and assign keyboard shortcuts to these extensions. To assign keyboard shortcuts to extensions, you should visit the Chrome extension shortcut page.

  • Enable parallel downloads

While using the internet, you will have to download some specific files. Google Chrome provides a default downloader to download these files. If you want to download small files, it will work well. On the other, it will not work equally well if you want to download large files. While downloading the large files, you will face the problem of downloading cancelled. If you want to save from these problems, you should enable the parallel downloading on the Chrome flag page.

Using the above-listed features will improve your experience with search engines, and it will save your preferences with your account. They will be implemented on all our devices. Google has many features and is constantly trying to improve its features to give a better experience.

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