Study MBBS in Bangladesh

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Why should your MBBS continue in Bangladesh?

Getting an MBBS degree in India can be very expensive and at the same time difficult. This is the reason why Indian students started exploring foreign options. The universities there are now in line with international standards and undoubtedly Bangladesh is the place they want to be. If you choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh, you will have plenty of career opportunities to choose from and the opportunity to practice medicine anywhere in the world. Thank you for getting global recognition for these titles. Allotment of seats in Government Medical Colleges in India is very low. It motivates students to look for alternatives and to satisfy with less.

International students often collaborate with students already enrolled in medical universities in Bangladesh. This is a great help to incoming students. The campuses of these universities are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. It helps students learn better through practical tests and training. All basic facilities will be provided to the students joining.


Reasons for Indian students to pursue MBBS degree in Bangladesh

There are several valid reasons to encourage international students, especially from India, to pursue MBBS degrees in Bangladesh:

No additional entrance exam is required to pursue MBBS, which is a highly lucrative option.

All Medical Universities in Bangladesh are MCI accredited.

There is a small student strength in the classroom, which makes teaching easier and more effective for faculty members.

English is used as the language of instruction in all universities.

The degrees awarded are globally recognized. This will enable graduates to practice medicine around the world without any problems.

Universities are completely secure and offer complete protection for enrolled students.

Capitation fees or donations are not solicited by universities. This makes MBBS much cheaper for MBBS programs in India.

Excellent accommodation and all necessary amenities. It further motivates students to pursue a successful career in medicine.

All the best Medical colleges in Bangladesh have Indian Bengali cuisine in their menus to create a comfortable environment for Indian students to live here.

There are a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, to entertain students and encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh involves much lower tuition and other fees than in India.


Study MBBS in Bangladesh Curriculum

The MBBS syllabus in Bangladesh is easy to understand. It is similar to the Indian MBBS system and is compatible with global MBBS academic standards. The MBBS course is divided into four main phases. Each phase lasts 1 or 1.5 years and the structure is as follows:

Phase 1: The duration of the first phase is 1.5 years. Basic elementary subjects such as biochemistry and anatomy are included at this stage. At this point, international students are learning about the study system in Bangladesh and settling down. They have enough time to continue their education and live a well-balanced life as an international student.

Phase 2: The duration of the second phase is 1 year. At this point, students are already accustomed to the international curriculum followed by medical universities in Bangladesh. Subjects such as forensic medicine and social medicine are taught at this stage.

Phase 3: The duration of the third phase is the second phase, 1 year. More lessons are being pursued at this stage, which include microbiology, pathology and pharmacological therapies.

Phase 4: The duration of this phase is the first phase, 1.5 years. There are more challenging lessons at this stage, but interested students enjoy them to the fullest. These subjects are medicine, obstetrics, medicine and other related subjects.